Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Life since the 70.3 has been great.  I am still in disbelief that I finished and that it's over, and it's strange to not have this HUGE ENORMOUS deadline looming over my head.

Oh wait, I guess there's our wedding that's in less than 2 months.  Most of the important things are done, but I'm still trying to get all all of the little details figured out.  Luckily there isn't anything so pressing that it doesn't seem manageable. 

I also signed up for a half marathon on September 12 in Canmore, so I still have to run and make sure I can finish that one well.  I know I can finish finish, but it would be nice to have a strong race.  I haven't been SUPER into running, though I just got a birthday present that should pep me up a bit!  Matt (and my parents) got me a Garmin 310XT!!  I took it out for the first time yesterday, and so far it's cool, but I just kept looking at it the whole time.  I can see how people rely so heavily on them, since they are just plain cool and it's interesting to see all sorts of stats, but I'll just let the "newness" of it wear off and hopefully just use it as a compliment to my training.

What else?  Matt and I have continued to go to hot yoga, which has been great, and I'm working on some strength training when I'm on the road (and have the use of free gyms) to tone up my upper body for the wedding.  I worked out with another flight attendant who does fitness competitions, and while that's definitely not something I'd ever want to do, it was fun to do a strength training routine with someone who knows what she's doing.  She is STRONG!  I've never been much into strength, aside for a few little weights here and there and some core stuff.  I definitely was out of my element.  One thing that she commented on was how determined I was, and how she didn't have to push me to finish a set or exercise.  I told her that even though weights were foreign to me, pushing myself and persevering is what my sport is all about!  Funny how two very different athletes have the same thing at their core.  Anyway, though I don't think I'll be sporting a spray tan, a string bikini and clear heels anytime soon, it was amazing to see her lifting 40 plus pounds doing tricep something-er-rathers (while I was lifting 8!)

And that's that.  How's everyone else doing?

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k said...

Weights can be a lot of fun. I've never done them outside of an organized class though- so maybe when I'm there in October we can go to the gym. I'll make sure to bring my clear heels!