Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Hot Heat


The time is ticking, and the wedding is getting closer!  Three weeks today at this time I will probably be drinking coffee on my deck with my husband to be before the madness of the day starts!  If it's too cold, maybe it will be coffee in bed. (which, coincidentally, is what we were doing when he proposed!)

So much has happened it's hard to even get it all out!  I had an amazing surprise shower thrown by the best besties in the world (a recap can be found here), and then I ran the canmore half marathon (which k did a great recap of as well).  Matt and I ran together, so there was no pressure and we didn't have any time goals.  We finished in about 2:15 and I was pretty sore.  Once I got past 16km, I could tell where my training lacked and my hips were toooight!  We had a good day, but next year, I think we'll drop back down to the 10km race.  It's a lot more fun to do with a group (Matt's cousin and her husband did it with us both years) and not quite as taxing... we can still have drinks the night before, not have to get up, eat and have a strict schedule. 

I've been doing hot yoga more since the race, trying to get a little more toned.  I still am doing some weights when I'm on the road, but in Calgary, I don't have a gym access so I'd rather pay to do yoga instead of pay to lift weights.  I've been going to hot yoga and I can definitely tell I'm working hard!  My arms today were shaking since I've been twice this week (when normally I go once a week MAX).  I'm enjoying the 60-90 minute sweat fest. 

Other than that, it's little wedding details and that's about it!  Time to relax and enjoy the time with all the visitors coming! 

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k said...

Something I wondered as I was riding my bike yesterday- have you been back on the bike? ;-)