Thursday, April 14, 2011

The joys of photographs

Lots of people post belly pictures on facebook when they're pregnant.  I'm not too sure that's exactly my style.  I generally don't post pictures of myself un-shirted at the best of times, so when I'm continuously getting fatter, it doesn't seem any more appealing.

BUT, I have decided to take belly pictures.  I feel like it's a way to remember the journey into motherhood. (I think that's the cheesiest sentence I've ever written.)  I'm also trying to keep a little journal that I will eventually give my child, just like my parents did, but I'm finding it a little tough.  I don't know what to call myself, and the one time I wrote "your mum", I felt like I was talking about my own mother, not me.  I also have a hard time knowing exactly what to write, and I don't want to be too cheesy like my dad was! (He's just so emotional!)  I just blather on like an idiot for a page or two and hope for the best, really.

Back to the belly pictures.  They are WAY harder to take than you might think.  First, taking them after a haircut you hate is terrible.  Exhibit A:
Bangs belly pic (5 weeks)

Taking them when there are two people laughing at you, and one of them is saying "stop sucking in!" isn't much fun either.  Exhibit B:
I'm NOT SUCKING IN! (10.5 weeks?)

Taking them yourself is pretty much impossible.  Exhibit C:  (ps: HELLO baby bump!  Nice of you to make an appearance!)
DIY belly Pic (13.5 weeks)

Having someone take one of you with you iPhone at a race seemed to work ok!  (And this was one day after the previous picture.  Maybe the all black had it's slimming effect on me!)  Exhibit D:  
Too bad I'm not facing the other way!  (13.5 weeks)

The next impossible thing is having your loved one take a picture after you've been crying over nothing.  (For example, why isn't there any more cereal?!?!?!??!.  It happens more often than I'd like to admit).  Also, telling him that he's terrible at taking pictures and then pretending to smile doesn't work well either.  Exhibit E:  
I think I'm thinking "kill me you now!  (14.5 weeks)

Then, taking one right after a workout really just isn't flattering, if you can call any picture where you pull up your shirt and stick out your belly flattering.  Also, can you believe this is three days after the first one?  I think I may have just eaten, but still, I feel like I'm growing every hour!!!!  Back to the pictures.  Exhibit F:
I need more concealer.  (15 weeks)

Common themes?  Pimples.  Oh god, the pimples.  Also, I hate taking belly pics.  Hopefully we can get this down to a science before the baby comes.  Otherwise, it will be an album of pictures I would like to burn.  Oh, and now I'm sharing them with the internet.

Oh, and I will definitely take an "after" picture of my tattoo.  I REALLLLLLLY hope it's still pretty leaves and not giant blob leaves.


Michelle said...

OMG Heather! I'm impressed with the growth of the bump! I only saw you a couple of weeks ago and there's such a big difference. Personally, I think the pictures are adorable. Won't it be better for the baby to see a bunch of pics that are the real you and not some super posey "perfect mommy" pictures? : )

kristen said...

Hehe- Journey into motherhood.

Jordan said...

I like this post for so many reasons, but I have an issue with one aspect. Being out of cereal is NOT nothing to cry about, it's serious business.

sandra said...

oh I miss you and am so excited for you!

kristen said...

Jordan really does take cereal seriously. I've caught him in a heap on the kitchen floor, crying, and clutching the empty cereal box...

PS- if you want to fake the picture so that it is the right way, I bet your photo editing software would let you flip it :)

Kirst said...

Awwww you're so cute!