Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A little bit of bad luck

There has been a little bit of drama in the Brillington household these days.

First, a week ago on Sunday Matt dropped his iPhone on the sidewalk and shattered the screen.  After learning that both of us had to wait until October to get an upgrade, he decided that packing tape would do until then.  Surprisingly, despite the crazy shattering, the screen still works perfectly, so he was willing to suffer until the rumoured iPhone 5 comes out.
Matt's sad iPhone
The following Friday, I was at work working and event for work purposes and my iPhone got stolen.  It was in my pocket for 9 hours straight, and I took it out to use the washroom (so that I didn't shatter the screen like Matt did) and it got stolen.  Barf.  So I had to get a new phone.  I looked into buying a crappy phone, but I would have had to pay around $200.  Knowing that a) I would be livid every time I looked at it and b) I would just go spend the money and get an iPhone 5 when I was eligible in a few months, I decided to bite the bullet, pay to get an early upgrade and get an iPhone 4.  (I still saved significantly over buying it outright, but spent more than I wanted to.)  (Come to think of it, I didn't want to pay anything because I DIDN'T WANT TO BUY A NEW PHONE).
My new iPhone that I feel guilty for owning
So Matt has a crappy old thing that he can barely see and I have a shiny new iPhone that I have mixed emotions about.  I am happy I have a new phone, but I wish I didn't have to have it, and I wish Matt had a new phone too.  I'm also mad that someone else has my phone.  (And in case anyone was wondering, I have gone through ALL the steps I can to recover/find it, including calling it, believe it or not*)  My work is looking into it much deeper than I expected, so that's nice.  There's a chance we will be able to figure out who took it, in which case Matt can use it in the interim.  

Another little piece of drama?  Our roof is leaking.  Oh bother.  Luckily it's the condo building's fault, not ours, so we won't have to pay for any repairs.  We will have to get repairs, but at least our insurance premiums won't go up.

In other news, I'm feeling almost fit as a fiddle and I can feel the baby moving around like crazy these days!  

Taken two and a half weeks ago.  RIP old iPhone.

*This comment is in reference to a suggestion I got a day after it was stolen.  Why yes, believe it or not, I DID call it.

*And I'm saying it out of a place of love.

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