Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well hello blogger traffic!

Today Meals and Miles linked to me and my page views went up by over 300%!  She referred to my 70.3 post and called it "inspiring"!  How nice!  I still can't read that race report without my eyes welling up a little... I just remember how freaking hard that day was, and how much I wanted to stop but couldn't because I am too stubborn.  Hopefully that theory will cross over to childbirth, though I don't really have the choice to give up!  It's crazy to think that last year I raced a 70.3 and this year I am a big ole pregnant lady!

So hi! to any new readers.  My name is Heather, I'm 27 years old, married almost one year, two weeks away from my first baby's due date, a celiac, a runner, triathlete, flight attendant turned temporary office worker and a healthy blog reader!  Welcome!

BUT, I actually have a race report to share today!

Last weekend, we (Matt, Kaitlin, Jordan and I) went out to Canmore for our third annual trip to the Canmore Rocky Mountain race.  My mum and I set out to walk our little hearts out for 5 km!  I will admit I haven't walked very far or very quickly in a while, so I wasn't 100% sure how I would feel (and I haven't run in what seems like forever since I got work from my midwife that I am not allowed to run).  My belly was tight and a little uncomfy by the end, but it was great to participate in the event and be in the mountains.

So this baby has officially run a 10 km, a half marathon, and walked a 5 km all before birth!  I wonder if it will be a runner or hate running. We will have to wait and see!  (Side note, both my sister and I HATED running until we participated in our first race together in 2007, so even if it hates running as a child, it might develop a liking to it someday!)  (Is that right? 2007?)

10 km!  Can't REALLY tell I'm pregnant.
I think this (the police half marathon) was the last time I could squeeze into my CW-X tights!
Here I am laughing that they announced our names as we were about to cross the finish line of the 5km

So there you have it!  My final pregnant race report, and now I can focus on having this baby, recovering, and getting back into running!


danhall1984 said...

Awesome... You are amazing for doing all this! I still hate running!

Rebecca W said...

I walked a 5K this weekend and it was fun (I'm almost 30 weeks). Would have liked to run but my lungs are crap right now and I can't breathe as well as I need to. Can't wait to get back into running!

I hated long distance running too until just recently. I was a sprinter in high school and couldn't run a mile. Next year I am going to attempt a half marathon!

2 weeks = any day now! Good luck :)

kristen said...
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kristen said...

I find it inspiring too (and I still get a little teary eyed when I read it as well). In fact, sometimes when I'm having a rough run, I think about your 70.3...(which by the way folks, was actually longer than 70.3 because the bike course was long).

And yes- 2007 was indeed that first 10K that we did. Then it was on to the half marathon in 2008. We've come a long way...

Heather said...

Half marathons are lots of fun. Longer than a 10 km so you feel like you've accopmlished something amazing (not that a 10 km isn't amazing, but a half is just a bit harder) but not as long as a marathon which seems like it's just way too long. You'll have a great time!

kristen we have come a long way!! You have still run further than me... though I guess I've raced for longer. When are you going to ever do a tri already?

Strides and Glides said...

Hey - I found your blog through the Meals & Miles post and was stocked because I'm from Calgary too! I love see posts from someone else in the area. Congrats on completing the race in Canmore so close to your due date! Looking forward to reading more.

Heather said...

Rebecca - I agree, it was tough not to just start running!!!

Good luck to you too! You're on the home stretch!