Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wednesday tid bits

  • I cleaned the dreadful mirror.
  • I am making breakfast for supper, which is one of my favourite suppers.
  • The baby's limbs are distinctly poking out of my belly a lot and often and it kind of hurts.
  • I really am totally done with working; too bad I still have 13 days left.
  • I'm going to Canmore this weekend to walk a 5 km race.  This will be the third year in a row that Matt, Kaitlin, Jordan and I have participated in the event.  This also means that I will have done every distance for this race; kind of cool.
  • I can't believe that I only have four weeks left until this baby is due!
Do you have any Wednesday tid bits?

I'll leave you with a little photo from the west coast!


kristen said...

aw, i wish i was coming...

Lulu said...

Breakfast for supper is the most delicious kind of supper!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

We are having breakfast for dinner tonight too! Need to get rid of some eggs before we go away.

Have a great 5k walk!! I love that race- such a beautiful location.