Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To marathon, or not to marathon. That is the question.

If any of you follow me on twitter, you know I've been torn recently.  Last year, my sister and I entered the lottery for the New York City Marathon.  I just did it for fun, and of course, I got it.  I deferred my entry, since the marathon was a month after my due date, and just sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward to last week, where I get an email from the NYC marathon saying "don't forget, you have a guaranteed entry for this year's marathon!"  It got me thinking a little.

I have never imagined that I would run a marathon.  Yes, I ran a 70.3, but to me, doing three sports for an extended period of time is a lot easier than doing one sport for an extended period of time.  Running for over four hours has never been that appealing to me.

BUT, if there was any year to train for a marathon, this would be it.  I wouldn't have to juggle training with working.  I would just have to pop Zoey in the stroller and hit the path.  Yes, the weather could interfere with it (how cold can the temperature be and still be able to run with a baby?? anyone know??) and I may have to stop to feed her on some longer runs (if I couldn't leave her at home with Matt and a bottle), but those things aside, I really have nothing but time this year.  One big downside is the price.  $347 for international runners.  Ouch.  But I could probably save up and try to expedia the crap out of some hotels.  It would be a pricey trip, but it would be fun to be in the city we honeymooned two years later as a family.

So after looking up some training programs, I saw one that was doable that was 18 weeks.  That got me thinking, the Calgary Marathon is 19 weeks away.  And a shiny new route is in store for this year (with a big unveiling today!).  So, maybe I could run the Calgary marathon this May, and then run NYC in November.  Why not run two marathons in one year when I never thought I would ever do one.  Am I insane??

What are your thoughts? Can I train with a baby? Can my body handle it? How slow will I be? So many questions!


Derek said...

I think you've got to go for New York. Everyone says its the best! But I would only do one this year. Something hats 19 weeks out is so close. You could be jumping into a huge goal too quickly. And what I you didn't just live it? Then if you only did one it wouldn't be theist awesome experience ever. I ran baltimore and Disney 4 months apart and thought I was crazy for doing that. But I'd already signed up for both. Good luck deciding.

Leigh said...

I have been toying with running a marathon this year as well and can't decide. Just took a sneak peek at the new course for the Calgary marathon and it looks pretty good. No more big hill! I think you could do it, doesn't matter how fast you ran it in, but that you completed it right? (I bet you could twist my arm to train with you!)

kristen said...

You'll only know if your body can handle it once you start training. As someone who breaks easily, if I was in your position I would do the Calgary half and the NYC full. But we know that I'm a delicate flower who is prone to injury.

Do I think you're crazy? No. I think it is awesome that you're even thinking about it! Look at the program for Calgary and figure out what you think you can handle. You know your body best. You can do it!

(NYC for sure though! Do that one for sure.)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm training for my 2nd marathon right now (Vancouver) with the running room and love it so far. I'm in week 2. You could totally do it! I would caution against two in one year though just because the training plans are intense and for myself I know I'd be burnt out after training for one! But hey you know your body best!!

Jen said...

Sweet another Calgary runner! Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'd definitely say go for NY. It seems like such a neat and iconic race to do.
That's exciting that the Calgary Marathon changed it's route but a marathon does seem so far. The half is more my style and the one in May is way easier to train for with the weather here. I'd say see how you feel training for Calgary and you can always sell your race number.

Lulu said...

Of course you can do it! You are an awesome athlete...go for Calgary (either full or half like Kristin said) and then New York, make 2012 the best running year yet!

Rebecca said...

I think that if Zoey continues to like riding in the stroller, then you will be ok. Your body should be fine by the time you start the training program. You might not be super fast, but at least you will get it done. My friends at school that run marathons all have kids and they manage to still be able to train. I think you should do NYC for sure! It is such a hard race to get in to and with not having to work this year you can definitely do the training for it.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

At first I thought you were crazy but you are right- you don't have to fit training in around work so this would be the perfect time to do a full marathon!

I would probably do a half in May and then the NYC marathon in the fall.

healthy ashley said...

I say go for it! You're strong enough for the training and like you said- this is the year to do it!