Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Diaper Stripping with a million links

Today is a very exciting day around this household! Diaper stripping day! (cue the sarcasm).

Since I exclusively use cloth diapers on Zoey, they get a lot of use.  We have about 25 diapers (I seriously can't understand how Clara over at young house love survives on 12 diapers! They must wash and wash and wash all day long!) and we wash them every 2-3 days. I used to use Claudia's Choices detergent, but I recently picked up some soap nuts and am trying that for now.  Soap nuts are much cheaper in the long run and are defintiely cloth diaper approved, so we'll see how they work.  I normally hang them to dry using this drying rack hung over either the nursery or master bedroom door, depending on the time of day and when Zoey will be going to bed thus needing to close her door.  Once they are mostly dry (or I've run out of diapers) I throw them in the dryer for 10-20 minutes to soften them up for her little bum.

Big cloth booty!

Every few months, it's important to strip cloth diapers, which essentially means soaking and rinsing them repeatedly to get any soap residues out of the cloth. This helps them not stink and be as absorbant as possible.  We have been dealing with some absorbency issues at night (we actually use bum genius pocket diapers with two liners at night) and if I don't drag my butt out of bed early enough in the morning to change Zoey, she normally pees through her sleeper.  Yesterday I got up around 5 and changed her, but when I woke up again at 7:30 she had already peed through her shirt again. I wondered how that was even possible, and then I realized it was probably time to strip her diapers.

There are many methods to stip diapers.  This blog has a video (and a lot of other funny videos) that describes their method.  I actually don't have either ingredient they use, and so I just am doing repeated hot wash/rinse cycles.  A top loading machine is ideal for this process, since it uses more water and you have the ability to let your diapers soak by lifting the lid and halting the cycle. My front loader doesn't have the option for a soak, and in fact it won't even do a hot rinse, so I have been choosing the "quick wash" cycle, with a pre wash on hot. I have done 3 so far (without soap, which is the key), and will probably continue to do them until this evening and then I'll dry them.  That means that all day she's been in disposables and I'm realizing why I like cloth diapers so much.  First of all, these are probably too small since I bought them back in March for our plane ride to Montreal.  I also have a hard time knowing how exactly to put them on her properly, so she's leaked a couple of times already. Finally, her pants are too big! Those cloth dipes take up a lot of room!

In other news, I'm busying myself with bridal shower plans and running.  The race is coming up quickly!

Also, our baby & me yoga class was featured on shaw tv, so if you'd like to take a peek here's the link!  I am narrowly out of every shot, but it's fun to see the class in action.  About half of the people there aren't regulars at our studio since our instructor teaches the class at three different ones around town, so I had actually never met the girl being interviewed. If you watch the link, you will know why I mentioned that!

Have a nice rainy week!


kristen said... That was so darn close to being a wardrobe malfunction that it was scary.

Was that Jess in the black tank?

Heather said...

No doubt. I wonder if she breastfeeds her baby....

Yep that was Jess and Nate!

Rebecca said...

Not going to lie, I chose to go the diaper service route so someone else has to strip the diapers ;-)

12 diapers only? Max freakin pees every hour, so 12 would be cutting it close/I would be doing laundry everyday. Considering I didn't eat dinner til 10:30pm, that just wouldn't work.

I gave up on cloth at night. My boy is a peeing machine and no matter how many soakers I put in, he would soak through all of them! :-(

Linda said...

Will and I get through with 12 bum genius and 3 others...laundry every other day. No leaking issues at night luckily. I've never stripped them though - didn't know I should...oops. We use Charlie's soap and it is awesome - perhaps I will look into these soap nuts.

Heather said...

Linda I am amazed you do laundry every other day on 15 diapers. Will must have small pees!

Linda said...

We are pretty good so far... I change him every 3 hours or so, unless he needs it earlier - seems pretty ok with this schedule so I'm happy. We will likely have to buy a few more diapers for when he starts daycare - just in case :)

Anonymous said...

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