Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My First Mother's Day

This post is slightly tardy, but I've been busy. Okay? (just kidding. well not really about being busy, but about being sassy).

I had a great first Mother's Day.

It started with me running to the start of the Sport Chek Mother's Day race. I planned to race the 10 km with my friend who recently started running, and I knew I would need a few more kms under my belt to feel good about my training for the upcoming half, so I ran from my house to Chinook Centre (the starting line) which turned out to be fewer kms than I thought. I think it was just under 4. I should have mapped it out and done a loop, but I was a little late so I decided to be satisfied with what I did and move on. We walk/ran the 10 km and finished in just under 1:20, which was her goal. We hopped on the train back to my place where Matt had prepared a brunch feast. Both my mum her mum joined us (and our babies) for brunch.

Matt had a card for me and Zoey signed a card for me too. For a gift, I am getting a necklace from etsy (sort of like this one) which I am eagerly awaiting to receive in the mail!

That evening we went to my mum's house to continue celebrating. Zoey got her first experience on grass which she sort of enjoyed, and we got to eat on my mum's back patio.

All in all, it was a great day.  I still have a hard time using the "mother" label on myself, but it is slowly sinking in that I have a daughter, and I'm a mother.  Just a hard thing to wrap my head around!

Sleeping while cuddling my arm

First ride in a shopping cart
I hope you all had a great weekend. I can't believe the half is THIS SUNDAY! Ahh!


kristen said...

Man you have a cute baby :)

Linda said...

I completely agree... although I refer to myself as "mommy" or "mama" all day long (when speaking to Will that is). I still find it amazing that I have a son, and of course am a mom....

Rebecca said...

I like that you used the word 'tardy' made me giggle.

Sounds like a nice day!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Zoey is a doll!! Sounds like you had a great first Mother's Day! Pretty necklace!

Anonymous said...

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