Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No heat curl

I've always had straight hair. Stick straight. No volume or body. In humidity, it gets straighter. I need a ton of hair spray to keep curl in, and even then, it rarely lasts the day.

One of my new favourite blogs is The Paper Mama, and she has pretty much the same hair type as I do. When she posted this, I knew I had to try it.  If someone with stick straight hair can achieve curly hair that lasts, I want in! What makes the tutorial even better was that she posted a video, so you can actually see how she does it instead of guessing through pics.

Even though my pics are virtually the same as hers, I thought I'd post them anyway.

The first two are after my shower, with damp hair but not totally wet. I've done it before with it totally wet and the curls are a little too curly for me. I use the goody slipless headband so that it doesn't slip when sleeping (hence the name). You just wrap your hair around the headband, picking up sections as you go. Then you go to bed.

This one is after I woke up in the morning. A little messy but still all wrapped up.

This is after I took out the headband. It's a little random and messy, and they aren't perfect curls, but unlike every other day of my life, my hair has body and it's easier to work with. I find I can "do" my hair so much easier with a little curl in it, but I can't be bothered to curl it with an iron just to put it up. 

The hat pictures  in my previous post feature curly hair done with this method. 

I used this method last night before bed, and today I decided to do some messy french braids. Instead of stuck to my head flat braids, I got a little more volume and "oomph" without spending more than a few minutes.

So there you have it! Here is the link to the video one more time in case you'd like to try it.

Another hairstyle I'm doing a lot these days is this one from the Uber Chic for Cheap blog. I LOVE IT. Instead of doing the "gibson tuck" using an elastic as featured in her video tutorial, I just backcomb and pin up. I find I get the little tail of the pony poking through after an hour or so of wear. 


kristen said...

thank you for including a link to the video...since some of us are useless with just pictures.

still don't think i'll ever be able to french braid my own hair though.

Leigh said...

I've done the no heat curls before and found that it worked much better when I showered and let my hair completely dry before putting it into the band. I have super thick hair, so it was still wet when I tried it the first time. I've also done the gibson tuck...just wore it on Monday :) Super easy and looks great!

Rebecca said...

cool! I think my hair is a tad bit too short to pull that off - but I could try.

I've got the same hair as well :-( IT SUCKS...hence why my hair is almost always up...

Like Kristen, I don't think I could french braid my own hair - or anyones to that matter

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I really need to try this... I have no excuse!!

For some reason I thought you had curly hair... I love volume in my hair and there are so many hair styles that look sooo much better once there is curl and volume in the hair. But I hate styling my hair just to put it up.

I love that single twist gibson tuck!! Must try that! Thanks for posting all the links and for your own photos!!

Leslie said...

Great suggestions! I am totally going to try some of these. I have stuck straight hair too and always struggle trying to do something different with it