Thursday, June 21, 2012


Last week we went on our summer vacation. It revolved around a family reunion in Vermont, but we tacked on a few days in Toronto before for some visiting with Matt's family.

We drove a lot, took some flights, but Zoey was surprisingly resilient to it all.  She was a huge hit with all of the relatives, and loved Max the golden retriever, despite being scared of my dad's tiny dogs at home. (Since being home and seeing the dogs, she loves them. So her fear of dogs was apparently temporary.)

We didn't do too much, which was great. Days were spent sitting on the grass, playing a great game called kubb (right?) and a little drinking tacked in here and there.

Spending the week together as a family was exactly what we needed, since Matt started a new job (yesterday) that takes him out of town. He is on a schedule of two weeks on (and away), one week off (and home). We started our relationship being apart half of the time (with me being a flight attendant and gone 15 ish days a month) so we are used to that dynamic, but having Zoey obviously makes it a lot harder on both of us. Luckily we can skype and talk on the phone lots, and I have lots of help around here for when I may need a little break. What makes it worth it is the week off, which is totally and completely off, so we can spend all day together and do all sorts of things that we didn't normally get to do when he was working a "regular" job. So far we're working on day 2, so in 11 days I may not be so happy about it, but we'll take it a day (or rotation) at a time!

Here are a few pics from the vacay!

Fun on the grass

Zoey and Papa sitting in the most comfortable chair ever

With Matante Kristen

Because you can't have too many pictures of a baby in a floppy hat

After the vacation and seeing everyone in cool hats, I decided that I need one. I have since purchased a hat and will have to blog about it. For some reason me wearing a hat is a big deal. Not sure why...


kristen said...

I wish we were still on vacation...
(and she's clearly a boozehound...her mouth went straight for the bottle every time.)

Rebecca said...

Zoey is getting so big!! Haha, Max goes for my beer bottles too. I think he thinks that there is milk in there or something ;-)

Doing the parenting-alone thing isn't too bad, except when you have to do things that you can't really do with Z. I'm so used to doing the parenting thing by myself that I think I might go a bit crazy when P finishes up school for the summer next week.

I think the best thing to try and do is go out at least once a day (which I think you do anyways) and if you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. You could always rant to me too if you want :-)

Michelle said...

I have a thing for hats. I own at least 10 yet I rarely wear them. I don't get it. I like how they look but I don't have the "guts" to wear them in public for fear I will be judged. I'm weird.

I look forward to hearing about yours.

danhall1984 said...

Looks like she had fun!

As far as hats, I have a couple (not baseball caps, because I look silly in them) but i don't usually waer them because im afraid someone will think it's weird. I think it's because hats have becme such an unnessesasry part of our clothing since sunscreen, indoors and cars with roofs have come along.

Every year, I love the 10 days of Stampede so I can wear my cowboy hat without being judged.

Also, if your hat is the one I saw you wearing at the mall, it looks good.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation!! I love just relaxing and not having too much scheduled. Zoey is so cute in her little floppy hat!

Matt's new schedule sounds good and bad! I'm sure you will adjust and like you said it will be so nice to have him all to yourselves on that week off.