Friday, August 24, 2012

What have I been up to?

I haven't posted in a month!

At first, it was because I was having a really tough time alone with Zoey and I just didn't want to post and have a little pity party. Things weren't going well for me and night time was awful for us both. I definitely almost left her in her crib to cry many a night (not saying that that is wrong, just not something we are doing right now) but late night walks helped us both calm our nerves.  I realized that Zoey was having a rough go with her teeth and her poops, and once those settled, evenings and nights improved dramatically, as did my mood and outlook on life!  She now sleeps through the night until around 5-6, and I nurse her and cross my fingers for two more hours of sleep.  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't.  Oh well, c'est la vie!

Then I didn't post because I seemed to be too busy and overwhelmed with the idea of updating an entire month! I'll give you the coles notes:

1. Zoey did funny and cute things.

2. I had a birthday and got a Vitamix!!!!!

3. Matt came home and is now home for at least 3 months!

4. I'm running a race tomorrow that I am drastically underprepared for!

5. I have started the "back to work" wheels, ie. trying on uniform (The last time I wore it was January 2011 and it still fits, might I even dare say it fits better!), emailing the appropriate people, figuring out my password for our employee website, yada yada yada.

6. I and an other flight attendant hired a nanny to share.

7. Zoey graduated from her first set of swimming lessons. The comments on her report card included how the teacher liked to listen to her sing and scream when she got excited. My mum told me "the first of many report cards commenting on how vocal your child is".

I'll leave you with a few pictures and the promise of a prompt race report!

Me & Zoey after her first swimming lesson

Hiding under a chair

Showing off her new skill: waving

Making steaming hot soup in the new Vitamix. Is gets steaming hot IN THE VITAMIX. Seriously.


Bex said...

What company are you a flight attendant for? It has always been my dream to be a flight attendant for West Jet. Silly dream, I know.

P.S. Super jealous of your Vitamix. I want one so bad!

Nikki said...

Aww your two babies - Zoey and the Vitamix! Looking forward to your race report!

kristen said...

You'll do great! Have fun.
(and you know how much I love that hiding picture.)

Rebecca said...

boo back to work!

yea, I don't blog 'pity party' styles either - I think I could have an entire blog devoted to just that. But also, too many people who know me in real life (i.e. my Mom) read the blog, so I don't complain much.

It is so close to Zoey's birthday already!!

Leslie said...

I so want a Vitamix!!!
Glad things are going better!