Thursday, September 06, 2012

MEC 10 km race report

I promised a prompt race report - oops. But here it is anyway!

We drove down to Edworthy park and arrived around 8:30 am for the 9 am start. Matt ran with Zoey and I ran solo. My friend Jess dropped her babe off with her sis and ran the 10 km solo as well - her first time racing without pushing her little man! As we were waiting to start, I got a little nervous since the field was so small. The smaller the race, the more likely I am to finish last! When the guy said "go!" on the megaphone, I started my garmin since I knew it wouldn't be chip timed and I wanted to have the official time on my wrist. We ran along the bow river path and I was feeling pretty good since it was nice and flat. Around 3-4 km, I saw Leigh and up ahead and decided I would catch up and say hello. We chatted for a bit and I probably told her 25 times throughout the race that she could run off if I was slowing her down, but she assured me repeatedly that she was feeling good running at my pace. I was doing 10 and 1s because I knew my lack of training would kick my ass if I didn't. Normally for a 10 km, even if I train with 10 and 1s, I can race straight through (or with one walk break at the water stop) and still feel ok, but this time I would have DIED had I done that. Three cheers for under preparedness!

Around the 5 km mark I started to have to pee pretty badly (here comes some post baby TMI stuff so feel free to skip), but I was hesitant to stop at a washroom because I HATE stopping during a race. I complained a little that I needed to pee and Leigh said "oh look, a port-o-potty!" which was just up ahead. I really didn't want to stop, but she said "go ahead, I'll wait" so I dashed in. Well good thing I stopped, because what I thought was "holding my pee" was really "letting a few drips here and there come out" and I was wearing grey pants. Sweet. I haven't had any real issues with bladder leakage since having Zoey, but when I run hard and down a hill, the pounding is a little too much for my poor little pee holding muscle. I was definitely happy to pee and that I wore a longish shirt so I didn't actually look like I peed my pants. (I didn't really pee my pants pee my pants, just a little drippage. Ok enough, this is gross).  I told Leigh of my sitch when I got out of the port-o-potty and I'm sure she was thinking "awesome, love talking about peeing your pants with near strangers!"  (Side note, Jess saw a woman stop and take a large dump out in the open during the race, so at least I didn't have that happen!)

Matt had signed up for the 10km race, but he had run maybe 3-4 times total in training, so I wasn't sure how he'd fare. When we turned around and didn't see him, I hoped it was because he decided to do the 5 km instead and not that he collapsed into a fit of exhaustion on the side of the path.

As we neared the end of the race, both Leigh and I were feeling a little rough, so we weren't pushing it too hard. We rounded the last corner and saw Matt and Zoey there to cheer us through the finishers chute (so he was indeed alive and ran the 5km instead). I think our official time was 57:something, which wasn't too shabby considering. I always hope I can bust out some incredible miracle, but since I didn't train nearly enough, I'm satisfied with that. I'm also happy I had a buddy to run with and complain to and who made me go to the bathroom!  Jess did super well and shaved over 10 minutes off her last race. She wasn't feeling great, but she pushed through.

All in all, a good race. Cheap, easy and no crazy crowds or logistics!  I highly recommend it!


kristen said...

The other day I was saying that the only reason to pee your pants during a race is if you're going to win the Olympics or if there is decent prize money on the line. I will add the "have had a baby and didn't know you were peeing just a little bit" to that list.

Maybe Canmore will be a race day miracle for you :)

Rebecca said...

Nice job!!

Yea, if I don't remember to go tinkle before running, it is soooo comfortable! Apparently Gina at Fitnessista had a full-on 'peed her pants' moment once.

omg, the person taking a dump - ahhh crazy! Stupid running making you have to go potty

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I wish I could run a 10K in 57min untrained!!! Unfair!! :)

OMG that sucks about the peeing!! So far I have been ok in that department but I know so many women who are plagued by it. I can't believe a woman was taking a dump out in the open! Surely there was a bush around she could have gone behind!

I definitely want to do one of the MEC races but none of them seem to work with my schedule so far.

Leigh said...

I somehow missed this post so I am super late to commenting. I was so glad that you caught up to me during that race and that we stuck together! Made it so much better to run with someone and chat the whole way through. If you didn't mention the pee + grey pants, I would have never given that away :)