Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoey turns 1!

This post is a little late, but I've been busy working in between Zoey's TWO birthday parties. We decided to split the guest list in half and celebrate twice so that there was less chance of being overwhelmed and we would be able to manage it space wise. I'm very happy we did that since everyone had a great time, got to spend a little time with Zoey, and she didn't get freaked out.

Her first party was at my mum's place.

Good thing she had help opening her presents... those packages are hard to get in to!
She looks so thrilled to be wearing her party hat.

She ate that giant piece of carrot cake in about 1 minute.

Her second party was at our house instead of the park since it was minus 4. She had a great time there too!

She got this fun baking set to go with her kitchen. And has been wielding the wooden knife ever since. 
This is her cool train cake. With a little too much sugar in it, we later found out when she was still partying at 9:30 pm

Zoey loved tickling her friend Nathan.

And there you have it. You can see from the picture with the party hat that I turned her weekly photos into banners and hung them at both parties. I would like to maybe put them around her room permanently and I'm most likely going to make a photo book too. Some of them are definitely better than others, but all in all the project was a success!  I'm still trying to decide how to post them on here... Should I really do all 52?

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