Friday, December 08, 2006

Things I learned last night (and part of this morning)

  1. There is a new feature at bus stops. A lamp post with two buttons, one being the light, and the second being a little flashy signal to tell the bus you would like to be picked up (and not a crazy wild flashy thing, just a little signal that's quite discrete). How cool!
  2. It takes 7 minutes to get from Crowchild and Kensington Rd. to the KFC on 37th Street. 5 of those minutes? idling outside the gross Vietnamese restaurant and the VHQ or whatever movie store that is these days.
  3. Aussie Rules is a fun place.
  4. Sitting at the bar is also fun.
  5. Sitting at the bar with someone who works there means stiff drinks. (Half-and-half stiff).
  6. The 20 year old bartender is CUTE.
  7. The 20 year old cute bartender is TROUBLE.
  8. The 20 year old cute bartender likes pouring girls shots.
  9. I can't drink 7 shots and half of a very stuff drink in one hour. (Well, obviously I CAN, I just can't.)
  10. The have little mini disani water bottles at Aussie Rules.
  11. The bathroom is a long walk from the bar.
  12. I can't walk very well after 7 shots and half of a very stiff drink.
  13. There are now three little mini disani water bottles in a bathroom stall at Aussie Rules.
  14. Making yourself puke isn't very easy.
  15. I can puke a lot after eating very little.
  16. The 20 year old cute bartender still pours girls shots after they puke.
  17. Sarah can continue drinking after she pukes.
  18. I can't.
  19. I like to write text messages when I'm drunk.
  20. I can spell surprisingly well when I'm drunk.
  21. My new boots? VERY hard to take off when I'm drunk.
  22. I have a new found sense of appreciation for the chair by my front door.
  23. My room seems very far from my front door.
  24. There aren't very many things to hang on to from the front door to my room, but there are quite a few things on which to hit my knee.
  25. You still get really hungover even when you only drink for an hour and then puke.


your big sister said...

oh crack me up.

kerrylynne said...

you are sounds like everyone and their best friend got drunk last night..i hate the hang over headache...

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather!

You've just earned your reputation as Heather "The Heap" Moulton. I'm proud, oh so very proud!


Blogosaurus Rex said...

Oh the perils of alcohol... I haven't been around for a while, I really like your new blog layout. Looks great! I tagged you by the way.