Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I always wonder why I choose to go shopping on boxing day. The sales aren't usually that great... Most stores don't even have sales, others have sales like
"50% off!!!! (on already reduced merchandise)"
and in the rare store that has a great sale, it's normally on all week. So I ask myself why I wake up at 7 in the morning, drive to the mall, spend 20 minutes finding a parking spot, get walked into by fifty ladies with too many bags, stand in line to get into a store, get elbowed by thirteen year olds who have finally gotten permission from their parents to go to the mall alone (only because they don't want to take them themselves), rummage through the disaster zones they call clothing stores, and then wait in line for half an hour to buy a shirt that's five dollars off. Today someone finally solved this age old question.

She said: "Why do men go sit alllll day in the freezing cold in the forest to hunt a duck when they can just go buy one at the grocery store? It's because it's so much more satisfying to have something that they really worked hard at. It's all about the hunt!"

When someone compliments me on the shirt that I got for five dollars off, I don't just say "Thanks!", I say "Thanks! I got it on boxing day!" I'm proud to say I braved the insanity that is boxing day shopping to get this shirt.

It's all about the hunt. It makes sense to me now. It's my way of hunting, without holding a gun or killing an animal.


k said...

aaaand...you got your $80 skirt for $10.

Heather said...

Very very true. Not only was it an $80 skirt for $9.95, but it was an $80 kick ass dark denim pencil skirt for $9.95. Booyakah

Lulu said...

wow, you are much braver than I am - I stayed in bed until 10 and then had movie day - thereby avoiding all the chaos at the stores.....