Sunday, July 29, 2007


It's hot in Calgary. It's getting a little more bearable, but when I have air conditioning in my hotel rooms on the road and then have to come back to the sauna that is my bedroom, it's tough to sleep. I like the sun, don't get me wrong, but it's getting pretty apparent to me that I should not live in a place where it's hot all the time. In the winter, I bitch and complain about the cold, and in the summer, I bitch and complain about the heat, but at least I get both. If I lived in a hot place all the time, I think I'd slowly melt.

I'm leaving, once again, to work four more days, then I'm home for one day, then I'm back on the road for four more. THEN, it's two days to get myself into gear and then off to South America (with a brief stop in Ontario)!!! It's getting closer and closer! I still don't feel ready, but oh well, what can I do really. If anyone has any last minute tips, I'm all ears. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth taking ridiculously long bus rides and save a bit of cash, or take short little flights that cost way more. I'm thinking that I'll do a little bit of both, but it's a matter of deciding when to do which one. I'll have to play it by ear.

I had a nice but short little visit with Kristen when she made her way back from Paris. She seemed to have had fun! I can't wait until I can go to Europe and have all sorts of europy fun.

I'm watching some kind of real world inferno show, and it's ridiculous. I can't even explain how, but it is. My ears are hurting from listening to stupid people talk about stupid things. Change the channel? Never. It's too addicting.

The time has come to pack up my suitcase and get ready to go. Blech. I wish I could have one more sleep in my own bed!

*I seem to have said "ear" more than normal in this post. I thought I would bring that to everyone's attention.



Kirst said...

It seems like forever since we last saw you. I guess we will have to wait till you are back from your trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where exactly you are planning to go on your trip...I know we talked about it a little, but if you want some tips for Peru must see's let me know.

My biggest advice for bus travel in Peru is that if you are planning on taking long trips do them at night. The scenery is not much to behold in most places (lots of sand!) and its cooler...and if you get on a double decker bus, pay the little bit extra and get a seat on the bottom level. You will get way more sleep that way! The seats are bigger and recline more and there are was less people...just make sure you bring some earplugs!

Thats all for now. Let me know if you need anything!