Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm just listening to The Beatles Love album, and I like it. The song I happen to be listening to is Help!, that's why I wrote that title. I don't actually need help, though some would I'm sure, beg to differ.

I'm in Montreal on a long layover, which will repeat tomorrow as well. All day in Montreal, then two quick flights, one to Toronto and the other back to Montreal, and then the same thing tomorrow. My life is so hard, I know.

I slept in today, walked over to the mall, avoided H&M because I really don't have the money to spend on more clothes, bought a hat for my trip, ran into another flight attendant on my crew, then we walked to the grocery store and got a few things for the next few days. Now I'm in my hotel room, listening to some beatles, and waiting for 6:30 to come when I have to work. Fun times, I know.

On Sunday I had a pre-birthday dinner with the fam since Kristen was in town. It was the last one in my dad's house before he moves into his condo! That's a bit sad to think of. It was weird to receive gifts and a cake that said 23 on it more than two weeks before my birthday, but I've had birthdays in October before, so what's July right? I got an italian charm bracelet from my mum, something I've been wanting for quite a long time, so that was nice, then Kristen got me a skirt that I can bring traveling with me, and my dad and Kevin got me a new camera since my old one just stopped working for no reason. It's a pretty cool camera so I'll be guarding it with my life on my trip. All in all it was a nice dinner (lobster!) and family gathering.

Well, I guess I should head off and do something. Oh wait, I have nothing to do. Maybe I'll iron. That always kills a bit of time.

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kristen said...

I kept hoping you might have a quick layover in Calgary when I was in the airport yesterday. And although I knew it wasn't you, I got a little excited when I heard that "heather" was one of my flight attendants. But alas, some other heather.

Anyway, hopefully you'll be in Ottawa briefly before you go away.