Thursday, July 19, 2007

What do all you can eat tacos, margaritas, beer and wings add up to?

Indigestion. Bad.

Last night I went for all you can eat tacos at this Mexican restaurant that I didn't know about. Apparently it's the best in the city. I beg to differ. Not great, though maybe I shouldn't judge on an "all you can eat" night. Regardless, I had a bit of acid reflux/indigestion before I went, and after tacos and sickeningly sweet margaritas, I felt a lot worse. This morning I woke up thinking my esophagus had eroded away in my sleep, and it just got worse as the day went on. What's the best cure for acid reflux? Wings and beer, duh.

I think I might have to take a page from my dad's book and stick some phone books under the head of my bed so that I sleep somewhat upright and won't have to feel like there's a little man canoeing* in my throat. Maybe tomorrow I'll go lip-synch some kereoke.

*Is that how you spell "canoeing"? The spell checker wants me to write "canoing", but that just looks like "ca-no-ing" to me. Not that the other way looks very much like the pronunciation either, but still. I was sure there was an "e" in there somewhere.

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Blogosaurus Rex said...

I checked and apparently you are correct. It's "canoeing". Spellcheckers are usually American, and what do they know about how to spell anything?

Mexican is great.. I love it, but the after-effects, not-so-much.