Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sushi wushi

The other night, Matt and I made sushi. I was pretty nervous about it, since I've had some good and bad homemade sushi before, and it looks pretty hard to do, since the rice has to be just so, and the rolling technique doesn't look easy as pie, but I thought it would be fun to attempt it. (That was a terribly bad run on sentence. My brain hurts too much to fix it. You'll understand at the end of the post.) (I'm pretty sure "terribly bad" isn't really great grammar either. Oh well.)

So, I bought some short grain brown rice, made it with a little extra water so it would be stickier, just like someone told me to do, and then I made a bit of a rice vinegar/sugar mixture, and added it to the rice after the rice was done cooking and stirred it around really well. Let that mixture cool off for a while, and then just cut up some veggies to put it. We had sweet potato (that was cooked with some bread crumbs so it was a little tempura esque), red pepper, avocado, cuke, and what else? Can't remember. Matt and I had a blast making these rolls, and man o man did they turn out perfectly. The first one was good, and then the rest were just fantastic. I kept saying "really? are these really this good??" and I took a few pictures because they looked so damn good, but I can't find my camera cord right now so those will have to wait. But seriously, make sushi. It's fun and easy. I just had the best time ever.

Right now the weather here is really nice, but the sad and unfortunate consequence is that I have probably the worst headache I've had in a LONG time. It's bad. So yay to chinooks, nay to chinook headaches.

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