Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Things, as per Kristen

Since my sis tagged me, I'll buckle down and give 7 little known facts about me.

1 - I ate two black olives the other day and didn't completely hate them. I normally hate olives. Maybe I'll like them soon.

2 - In the morning, my eyes water so much that it looks like I'm crying. Normally it's only one eye at a time.

3 - I really HATE being cold. I also severely dislike being too hot.

4 - I love having an excuse to dress up, but I get sore when I wear heels. I always say if I wore them more often I wouldn't get to sore, but it's hard. But I love dressing up. LOVE IT. (Only if I have something to wear. I'll let you in on what happens when Kristen and I don't have a outfit and are forced to dress up: We both get cranky. VERY cranky. And we storm around like rhinoceroses trying to get ready. Then I feel bad for making my parents mad so I try to make Kristen less cranky by doing something stupid. Sometimes it works, sometimes it makes her more mad. Moral of the story? Plan outfits far in advance.)

5 - I would like to be more caught up on current events. I should make more effort to watch the news, since I don't get the newspaper.

6 - As much as I love my job, I know I have more to offer the world. I would not be satisfied if this was all I did, unless this job allowed me to do something else at the same time. (And I don't think people who are flight attendants their whole lives haven't reached their potential, but for ME it's not right.)

7 - I know that technically, money doesn't bring happiness, but I don't think I'll ever be completely happy unless I'm a little (or a lot) more than comfortable financially. I like entertaining, traveling, wearing nice clothes (as read above), dining out, and buying gifts. I don't think I can do this unless I have cash. And I like sparkly diamonds. Call me superficial. Go ahead. I dare you.

That wasn't easy. And I'm pretty sure Kristen knew a lot of those. Oh well. I tried.

I know I didn't tag anyone but I think others will tag enough for me as well.


kristen said...

Regarding #4- I'm not sure anyone will forget the Christmas fiasco of...was it 01? 00? 99? Ok, so I don't know what the date was but we certainly all remember it.

Lulu said...

Don't like olives huh? I didn't know that... but I feel like I should have... we need to spend more time together I think.

Huda Hakawi said...

Was it only one year? It certainly was at least one year.

Do we ever get to a point where we feel like were offering what we can to the world? I thought I was before I got sick, but now I find that I have more to offer. I also find it excites me.


It is so easy to get caught up in that. It can become the end goal: having lots of money. Then what do you do with it? You might find you have no one to buy gifts for, or no one to go to lunch with, or no one to share your life with.

Granted, misery is easier with money than with none, but happiness is always earned and rarely bought. I think I know this from personal experience. I've had it most ways. My happiest memories are of a time when money was scarce.