Monday, December 17, 2007

Maybe the girls think they work at a Spa

Today I had a fitness test at my gym in order for them to set up a fitness program of some sort for me. When I signed up for the gym I got this for free, but never did it. They realized this now, just nine short months later, and told me I should get on it. So I did. Well it started out with all sorts of measurements, then a body fat analysis type thing, then the hardest five minutes of my life, then flexibility and push ups. It probably took 25 minutes for the whole thing, and so I feel like perhaps it's hard to judge one's fitness level in such a short time, but whatever I'll roll with it. So apparently I am the highest you can be in every category except flexibility, (which I can understand since I never stretch), where I am "fair". Now This surprises me quite a bit, since I'm not the greatest person fit wise. The hardest five minutes of my life were on the bike. It was set at the highest resistance ever and I had to just keep pedaling. Man on man I thought I was going to die, and the pedals were seriously going one turn every 10 seconds, then when it all stopped, the results popped up and said "elite". I was like "um, sorry? I just almost died and now my fitness level is elite??". After that, I had to do some kind of flexibility test which wasn't fun, then do as many push ups as I could possibly do.

After all this, the trainer told me that the body fat test was very healthy, and the only thing I need to work on is flexibility. As much as this is nice to hear, it's a) hard to believe since I have extra weight that I KNOW is there, b) not very motivating and c) just plain weird.

Anyway I guess I'm getting some kind of program made up for me that I'll throw in with the half marathon training and we'll see what happens from there. To be fair, I'm pretty sure the people who work at this gym aren't all trainers, so for all I know this girl was just following some kind of chart and maybe looked at it upside down, so I'm not taking this to heart. But really? That's just weird.

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