Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I need some new tunes.

Matt suggested I erase everything on my iPod and start anew. Good idea? I think so. Any suggestions? I'm thinking work out business mostly. I can only listen to lil' John's Skeet and Destiny's Child's Lose My Breath so many times. I pretty much have my "workout" playlist memorized and I know which song is coming next before the previous one has ended. Though Touch the Sky by Kanye does help me get through mile two, in my opinion the hardest mile no matter how long the run, most days. He might have to make a come-back in my new playlist. So yeah, toss a few my way.


K said...

when you are here next week you can look at my "Run Kristen Run" playlist. I have been trying to add to it lately because i too was getting a little sick of some of it. i have some gnr, metallica, kanye (jesus walks though...not touch the sky), i went old school with a little LL Cool J...believe it or not, "not ready to make nice" is a decent running song.
i'll let you know what new stuff i find as i go along as well. (also, try putting your playlist on shuffle so that it is a little less predictable...unless that function is new on the generation of nano that i have...maybe you don't have it i'm not sure)

Steph said...

Ohh wow I am doing the same thing right now. It is taking so long to update the ipod, I have just enough to get me through my longest run so I have to update each week. Here are some of my faves:
1) Call on me - Eric Prydz
2) Another Night - Real McCoy
3) Umbrella - Rhianna
4) Phenomenon - LL Cool J (good call on the LL)
5) Shoop - Salt'n Pepa

Those are probably the top 5 and yes the shuffle function is a no brainer -- the worst is to know what song is coming next aka, how long is the left in the run.

Goodluck with the ipod -- I'd love to see the final list when you are done!

Heather said...

Here's a dumb question... How do I shuffle my playlists?

K said...

the playlist shuffle is in the settings menu. go to settings and then there is a "shuffle" option. right now it will say "off". switch it to "playlist".