Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Friday.

Not too much has been going lately... I've been working, running, and that's about it. Matt and I made a really great soup... That was pretty much the thrill of the week. That and seeing Kristen and Jordan, because that's always thrilling to me.

Today I went to Yoga for the first time in hmmmmm, 4 years? Is that right? Something like that. I have free yoga classes I can go to at Spa lady so I figured I should give them a shot. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. I wasn't sure to expect since it's Spa lady, not a yoga studio, but I was pleasantly surprised. The teacher teaches at a couple of different yoga studios so it's not like she's a spa lady person throwing out a couple of yoga poses. Anyway it was good. I think I'm going to be VERY sore tomorrow though.

I'm going to Honolulu on Sunday, which is exciting, except it's part of a five day pairing, which is horrible. The longest we are ever away is five days, and this one starts at the crack of dawn on the first day and ends at midnight on the last day, so it's the longest possible longest pairing ever. If Hawaii was in the middle or closer to the end it would be better, and give me something to look forward to, but it's right at the beginning, so it's only downhill after. Oh well, who am I complaining about going to Hawaii.

What else is new? Oh right, nothing.


K said...

one of the great things i find about yoga is that i almost never get sore afterwards. so don't be surprised if you aren't sore.

enjoy hawaii. as i stare outside at the storm that is dumping a LOT of snow on us...i wish i could join you on the beach.

lu said...

so glad that you got to see your sis. any week with sister time is a good week!