Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Valentine's Day today!

I'm not a big Valentine's day kind of girl... I used to be, but now, I've realized it's not really too big of a deal. I'm not severely opposed or anything, and I always like the Valentine's from my mum and Granny, but I don't need a big ole hoopla from my boyfriend.

Lately I've been working lots. I've been to Hawaii twice, which is fun, and Matt came with me the last time, and I'm going again this weekend. Hehe. It's great, but honestly I'm growing slightly tired of it. I know it's stupid to say I'm tired of Hawaii, but I go to Honolulu, a big city, and stay in the same hotel, go to the same grocery store, the same mall, the same beach, and then leave. It's not like I can really explore lots and lots. So I'm sick of the same 10 block radius of Honolulu. I would love to see more, but unless I rented a car or something, I can only go as far as my little feet and the pink line trolly can take me.

I've been trying a few different things with my diet lately. Since giving up meat and dairy, I've noticed some change in my body, and not in the way I was hoping. Instead of getting rid of my belly I added to it. The weight I've gained has gone all to the stomach so I'm trying to figure out what the reasons are. I've given up lots of things, and gotten nothing in return, so I guess you'd say I'm exploring my options. I'm not going back to the way I ate before, and I'm keeping a lot of the same principles, but until I get all the tests done that I've been instructed by my doctor to take, I'll lay low a bit. Good things have come from all my crazy eating, lots of differences that are positive, but gaining weight isn't really one of them. So we shall see. I'm not giving up. Just figuring out what to do. On a funny side note, the doctor told me to get tested for celiac, which isn't really funny, but he also asked me to get an ultra sound after feeling around my belly. I stared at him and said "to make sure there are no babies in there?!?!?!" in a pretty high pitched voice. He just looked at me and was like "uhhh, no." so then I felt really dumb, but really what was I supposed to think? Apparently there could be something in my abdomen that isn't supposed to be there, so an ultra sound would find it. Anyway I thought my reaction was funny and the doctor thought I was an idiot. Funny.

My running is going so so. I need another boost of motivation I think. I'm doing ok, but I'm getting a little blah about it. I'll back to where I need to be, I know I will. I'm just in a rut.

Have a great weekend!


Kirst said...

So does that mean I can serve you meat on Tuesday?
I find it hard to get motivated sometimes too. Once I get out there and workout or run or whatever I feel great. We should go running sometime together.

lu said...

i have been wondering how you have been doing. my flatmate is doing a raw-only diet right now and is trying to convince me. as i seem to be a touch anemic these days (that is completely a self-diagnosis and has no fact behind it at all), i think i will hold off on joining her. but anywho, it made me think of you. i hope there is nothing wrong with you though! glad you saw a doctor and are getting it sorted out though.