Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anyone know a good hip stretch?

I'm finding my hips are getting very stiff as my running distances increase. I'm also biking more than I used to (which means more than never) and that's hurting them a bit as well. I know the one where you are in a lunge position and then bring your pelvis forward, and this other one on the floor with one leg extended backwards and one leg crossed in front (is anyone else finding it hard to describe a stretch?!?), but I need some others. Those two aren't doing it for me.

Maybe it will be easier to find links instead of describing. That was hard.


Kirst said...

I'm not very good at describing but next time you are over I could show you some. Speaking of coming over are you around on Tuesday?

lu said...

i like the 'iliotibial band stretch' shown here:

i do it this way then switch my feet around to have the other one in front and then do it that way too. it is one of my favourite stretches and just feels good.