Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 links

I definitely had challenges with this post!  First, I started blogging when I was 20.  My "voice" has changed significantly since then.  I also was in university, drank a bunch, partied all the time, and thought I was pretty cool.  Now, I'm old, married, about to have a baby, and still think I'm pretty cool.  Most of my older posts make me cringe since I sound like such an idiot.  I think I'll stick to more recent posts for this!! (Except one).

So, without further explanation- my 7 links:
  • Your most beautiful post
While my This Sucks post itself isn't beautiful, or even well written, it was definitely filled with emotion.  My sister got married and then moved across the country two days later.  I wasn't a flight attendant then, so flight benefits weren't in my vocabulary, and the thought of not seeing her for 10 months was awful.  To me it's beautiful because I love my sister so much that anytime anyone mentioned her or her wedding for the next week, I burst into tears.
  • Your most popular post
My most popular by far was Ironman Calgary 70.3 Race Report.  I think it got a lot of traffic because of people googling the race, but I'll take it.  I was a hard one to write too.  My next most popular is about the Steve Nash Sports Club, which must be due to googling as well.
  • Your most controversial post
My accent vlog post was quite controversial because Kristen and I couldn't agree on how to say syrup.  Also controversial because I hated my new haircut, and I had found out that I was pregnant only days before.
  • Your most helpful post
I think my post on how to make delicious and not terrible for you gluten free granola is quite helpful.  When I make mine I always open this link for the recipe.

  • A post whose success surprised you
The Bell Commercial post got a lot of hits... Must be the googling again!  I'm not a very popular blogger, so my hits come by accident!
  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
Selfishly, I'm surprised that my "I'm pregnant" post didn't have as much action.  I guess the world doesn't revolve around me after all!!!
  • The post that you are most proud of
I think I'm most proud of my 0-100 post since I it documents me buying a condo, getting engaged and turning 25 in a very short time. (And winning 10$ in a lotto ticket.  Can't forget that). In reality, I think my 70.3 post is a little higher on the proud list but since I already used it, I'll go with my second choice.

That was really tough.  I can't elect anyone else to do it since I found it so difficult.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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kristen said...

I like tour 70.3 post a lot...