Monday, July 04, 2011

Fit Abs 3000 in 35 challenge - update and more

It's day four of the abs challenge, and so far so good.  I've severely neglected my abs for a while and while this is proving a challenge, I've always been sort of "good" at abs stuff.  I normally can keep up well in classes or yoga when they throw in a few at the end, and I can normally hold planks for a while without too much practice.  That being said, I have never seen an actually defined "ab" on my stomach, and I have a feeling that this challenge will not finish with that result either!  I just hope to keep my muscles strong so I can have a strong delivery.

I've been in Toronto for the past few days, and we've had some action packed times already!

Day one, we arrived, and went downtown to meet some friends who were hanging out in a park.  We then headed to Fresh for supper.  I was happy with my meal, and also pleasantly surprised that the other 5 people liked theirs too, despite some of them not really being "healthy" eaters.

Day two, we were up pretty early and headed back downtown to watch the Jays game.  I squeezed in a quick coffee with another friend and his adorable puppy before the game and then I caught up with everyone else and we went to the Skydome Rogers Centre for some ball.

Way too cute
It was hot.  Like really hot.  I also was having some major discomfort in the baby area. These days I have felt like there just isn't enough room in me for the baby. I think it's growing pretty quickly and I'm not sure that my body is at the same speed.  When the baby turns, it hurts in the strangest way.  Anyway, I wasn't feeling super awesome, but once the sun went behind a cloud and the breeze picked up a little, I was much happier. The ball game itself was full of action.  Someone was arrested in the section beside us, another fan ran onto the field, and the pitcher got thrown out of the game after yelling at the umpire and throwing his coach out of the way (in order to yell more at the umpire).  It was pretty crazy.  After the game, we walked forever, stopped for some great and cheap sushi, and then walked forever again, finally got to the car and went home.  I was so flipping tired, I collapsed into bed.

Day three, we had a good old fashioned pool party, so we got some food, got some friends, and hung out on the deck and in the pool all day.  It was great.

Now, we head "up north" (wherever that is) to spend time at his parents cottage thing for the week.  I have no idea what we do there, but there will be water, so if it's too hot, I can just jump into the lake. 

One thing that I'm still not used to and not sure I ever will be is the attention I get from people because I'm pregnant.  Since I haven't seen any of these people since becoming pregnant, the attention is more prevalent than it is at home.  I don't really know how to deal with it and I'm sure I come off as snobby or distant.  I just get really uncomfortable when people coddle over me.  I'm trying not to be that way, but it's a little challenging.  I will continue to try so that I don't offend anyone, but it's not the easiest.  Oh well.

And I'm off!  Hoping to catch a little Tour de France before we leave!

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kristen said...

The statement "to meet some friends who were hanging out in a park" made me laugh.

Is it weird that one of the things I'm looking forward to about having to spend 2 weeks in Toronto next year is Fresh?