Sunday, February 26, 2006

This Sucks

My sister is leaving. Again. And I don't know when I'll see her again.

The wedding was amazing. I couldn't have had a better time. Well, that's not true. It would have been a lot more fun (and there would have been a lot fewer tears) if I didn't have to say good bye to them both today.

I love Kristen and Jordan so much, and it's really hard to think about what my life will be like without them in it. I know they're not dying, but the fact that I will probably see them once or twice a year is pretty horrible.

I don't really know how to deal with it. I'll try.


Dee said...

I cried's sad and we're going to miss them lots, but we'll just have to keep looking out for seat sales to go see them!

The Rev said...

I think it's interesting how through a wedding so many others are "joined" as well. Think about it. I feel as though I've made some new friends through all of this. We should hang more often. And we can all talk about how much we miss J and K. Yeah?

Hez said...

It's true... I was thinking about not seeing any of you guys until Kristen and Jordan get back and it made me sad too. It's just all around sad for everything. I'm down for chilling together.

Meanwhile, my eyes are puffy.

Kirst said...

I know how you feel Heth. Can I call you that? I have cried so much today. I wonder when it will stop. I glad we have each other though.

I too had a blast at the wedding.

See you Tuesday.

Dr. Papa said...

I remember wondering what the big deal was when I was leaving Vermont and my mum was crying. I kept thinking "Mum, it's only for two years. We're only moving out there for two years. Get some experience teaching and then, we'll move back to Vermont.

Now that it is thirty-one years later, I truly understand what all the tears are about:
-a childhood has ended
-a new family has begun another adventure
-a family that has been one way for 25 years is now very different
-a daughter for whom I took for granted is not able to be taken for granted any more
-I have a new son (happy tears)
-I have a happier daughter
-I have a sadder daughter
and I don't know for sure when I will next see my new son and his wife.

At the same time:
-I had so much more fun at the wedding than I believed possible
-I have celebrated a wonderful union
-I have shared a momentous occaision with old friens, new friends and new family.

What a jumble of emotions, experiences, and thoughts.

And I got to see both my daughters in their true elements - and they were both stunning - in all ways.

Sorry, the pride is incredible, and I really did nothing but observe.