Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So it hasn't been too bad so far...

The class isn't TOO painful, yet. We get lots of breaks, so that's good. I'm almost halfway done! YAY! Then regular classes start next week. BOO!
Today there were TONS of lost first years! "freshmen" as some call them! It's so funny to see them all decked out in their cute outfits with their little name tags being led around my freaky 3rd or 4th years with big signs saying "THIS WAY FIRST YEARS"... yikes! I'm glad I never had to do that!

Today was actually one of my favourite days in the school year: New Daytimer Day! I love love LOVE getting a crisp, new, shiny daytimer. I go through it, write down all the things I already know, get out my highlighters that correspond with each class, write in my class schedule, write in my work schedule... what fun! Now I get to have one colour for each class, so that I can easily identify what homework I have when... it's just great! (I NEED that in order to stay organized... don't judge me!)

I guess I really don't have anything exciting to say... just an update I suppose.

If any of you in calgary want to join our CIBC Run for the Cure (for breast cancer) team on October 2, please sign up!!! Go to and sign up. Team name is "Walkers for Knockers" and you know my name! Sign up soon in order to get a t-shirt with the team name on it!!! If you want to make a donation, visit the same site!

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