Monday, September 12, 2005

Things I have learned this last week:

1. Picking at your wart on your hand is disgusting. You may think others don't notice, but I do. And it's gross. Please, do that on your own time.

2. Breathing heavily through your nose is very distracting to the person sitting next to you. I could barely hear anything besides the breathing. For the love, please get some vicks vapo-inhaler or something.

3. You do not need to make a show of EVERYTHING. When you are eating blueberries, you can simply place them in your mouth and eat them. There is no need to toss each one in your mouth, look around to see if anyone saw you, and then toss another one in. You can do SOMETHING without everyone looking at you.

4. Most chairs are extremely uncomfortable after 3 hours of sitting.

5. You loose feeling of your butt after about 45 minutes of sitting, and then it takes about 30 minutes to get it back.

6. Coffee is my friend. I have never before had more than one cup of coffee in one day, and this past week, I was pushing 3.

7. A block week course isn't as bad as it seems. But only when you have friends to laugh at wart pickers, heavy breathers and food tossers with.

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