Thursday, September 22, 2005

The stress is coming!

So I know I want to graduate this year. I'm really looking forward to that. But right now, as the papers accumulate, I am beginning to wonder if I'm overloading myself. I have 5 courses, but the worload of six since I took the block week. I don't really know how I'm going to manage, but I guess I just have to. I know other people have way more work than me, don't get me wrong, but I'm just slightly overwhelmed. I'm not used to working very hard, so It's just a bit of an adjustment!

Maybe I should start by listening in my computer science class instead of posting on my blog! Nah!

My other problem with school is one of my prof's. I use that term loosely since she isn't actually a teacher... she's a civil engineer for a company downtown! She is my teacher for Transportation Studies 301, (which I am ONLY taking, along with computer science, because I am 2 science options short for my degree!) She lived in New York for a while, and likes to remind us of that all the time. She talks about interstates and roads and streets from there that we are somehow supposed to know of, and she refers to her SUV and how much it costs her to fill it up because she's willing to pay on an "every 5 minutes basis". We have the class for 3 hours once a week, yet both times that I've had it, we've gone from 4:00-5:45 with a 20 minute break. Don't get me wrong, I don't REALLY want to sit there for 3 hours, but I've PAID to sit there for 3 hours, and I'm sure she's getting paid to teach us for 3 hours, so why aren't we learning for 3 hours! She wears pointy pink heels and black power suits, has her tongue pierced, and has grade 6 girl bubble writing. Granted, she isn't boring, and keeps me quite entertained, but I feel SLIGHTLY shafted when I think about how much I pay for my education.

On a happier/cuter note, yesterday when I called AB Health Care telling them that I'm still a student therefor I don't have to pay yet, the lady on the phone asked me when I was going to graduate. I said "at the end of this year." Then she said "So you'll be turning 25 next year then?" and I replied "No, 22." She exclames "Oh my goodness! 22 years old and you'll have a degree?? I am just so proud of you girls!! You are so smart and you are what will make our future bright!" I was so surprised! I answered "oh, thanks!" When we were finished our conversation she said "well congratulations and good luck in your future!" What a sweet lady! I guess I am one of the rare ones who finishes in 4 years, but I never really thought about people noticing that! Anyways, it made me feel pretty nice!


revswife said...

Finishing in such a short time is something to be proud of!

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