Friday, September 30, 2005

Some "at work" randomness

So I'm at work... for those who don't know, I work at the university at the racquet centre. It is the easiest job ever, when all goes well. When it's not busy, I get paid to sti here and study, and blog, and talk on the phone, and other radom time killers. When it IS busy, I have to do all sorts of other things that I say are hard, but really, compared to other jobs, are quite easy.

ANYways, I'm here, and a high school group just came in to play squash. My sister and I were just talking about how funny it is to listen to high school kids talk, and how different their lives are from ours. A couple of girls today were talking about their latest life tragedy: one of them had spilled something down the fron of her shirt. Now, I too get pretty upset about spilling things on my clothes... it just seems to ruin my day, but here I am thinking about how I need to read 3 novels and write 5 papers in 2 weeks. And then there are people in Louisiana thinking about where they are going to sleep tonight, and if they will ever find a job. It makes me think about how things seem to be catastrophic for one person, and then the person next to them wishes that THAT was the worst of their problems.

This Sunday is the CIBC run for the cure. I'm pretty excited because it's my first year as Team Captain, and we have 16 members this year. I don't quite know how much we've raised, but I think it's quite a bit! The race is at a new location this year; Southcentre instead of Eau Claire. I really liked Eau Claire since it was closer to my house, and it just seemed a little "cooler" and more eclectic I guess. Southcentre is in the south (duh), which for some reason I don't like. I'm not really sure why, but I don't. But I'll change my attitude and enjoy it! (even though it will probably take me way longer to get there!)

I had an inclass essay today. I wonder how it went!

The Mexican President was here yesterday. I guess I'm not very patriotic, because I really couldn't give a rat's ass. I think it's something to do with me being bitter because I can't speak spanish very well. Or maybe because I knew my whole spanish class was going to be there, and I really didn't want to embarass myself yet again asking someone "what did he say?" I know I'm not dumb, but taking a class with half grad students and half undergrad students really takes a toll on the ego. Especially since all of the grad students are native spanish speakers. I honestly can't understand a damn word those people say. And I'm pretty good at spanish (I thought!) Oh well... I guess I have to suck it up.

My sister leaves on Wednesday. Wow. That sort of snuck up on me! Going from living in a place with just her to not seeing her ever will be a bit of a shock. I guess I'll have to deal with it. My boif hasn't lived in the same city as either of his brothers for years, and he never bitches about it... maybe it's because he's a boy though. I think it's different for boys. Sigh!

I guess that's it for now... I should start on the pile of work I have!

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