Saturday, August 05, 2006


I think my internet is working, but then it stops, then it starts, stops, starts... etc. I think you get the drift. The cable guy is coming, and I hope he fixes it.

I just got back from a three day and I leave again tomorrow for another three day. Then I'm back for a bit, then to Montreal!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am, and I heard rumours that we are going out classy style for my birthday one night so little black dresses are in order! I can not wait! Hopefully this pairing will fly by and then it's party time! I get to chill with Kristen again on Monday, so I'm VERY excited about that. This little visit we had on Thursday was very nice. I ended up doing a little bit of walking since I walked back and forth between their apartment and my hotel a total of three times... I kept forgetting things and all that... But it was quite nice. They appreciated the cupcakes that I brought them, and even let me have one! How generous. Ah crap I just remembered that I was supposed to get them something at the grocery store but I forgot when I was there an hour ago. Shoot. I'll have to go tomorrow before work. Anyways! That was a little train of thought side bar moment.

Tonight I think I'm going out with Jess for a bit... should be a good time. And then, to bed in my own bed for one sweet night, get up and pack for another day's work! Such a life.

Hope things are going well with everyone!!

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