Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Real Montreal Update

So I'll try to tell you the tales of the trip. We went out on Thursday, to a place called Karina's on crescent. This is the place where all the hot spots are, and was within walking distance of our hotel (kind of). We hung out there, had some drinks, met up with Vanessa's friend Tyler and his friends. I guess I had a few more drinks than anticipated... the evening ended up with me a little ill. I was also quite ill the next morning. BUT, I persevered and went shopping on Saint Catherine's with the girls (though Vanessa and I met them a little later than expected.)

So the next night, we got all dolled up (again) and had a sushi dinner with the girls and Tyler and his friends again, then went to Newtown, a really cool club. We had this "VIP" room there, which was this long couch against the wall and there was this beaded curtain thing separating it from the rest of the club. AND, in Montreal, you can order a whole 40 of booze along with mixers, and then you just make your own drinks. It ends up being cheaper than ordering 40 drinks, so if you're in for a good night, it's the way to go. I had never heard of that before, so it was really cool. So the bottles of Skyy Vodka kept coming and we kept on drinking it! The night ended and we walked back to our hotel to find a guy drunk passed out on the floor outside our hotel room. We later recognized him from the room down the hall, so we coaxed him back to his room and had a HUGE laugh about it.

The next day we walked around old Montreal and saw a bunch of things, street performers, old things, and that big church where Celine Dion got married. I'd been in there before, but man it's pretty crazy how gorgeous it is! I really enjoyed the tour we had, and the guide's voice was so soothing I almost fell asleep a bunch of times. It was quite nice. We returned to our hotel room to find a note slid under the door addressed to the "sexy ladies who share our floor" inviting us to have a little get together in their room before our evening's festivities, all written in rhymes. It was SO funny.. I can't remember exactly what was said but in ended on "circle what your answer is" and there was a "yes" and a "no" and then a little note with an arrow that said "pick this one" pointing to the "yes". We decided to get a little more info so we wrote them a note back in rhymes, asking them who they were, where they were from, how old they were, yada yada. They were waiting for it, and through our peep whole we watched them all huddle around the note reading it. We felt little kids passing notes back and forth, but we thought it was really funny so we played along. Eventually after a few notes back and forth they called us to make sure we were coming, and we decided what the hell let's go and we'll leave if it got weird. There were 5 of us and we figured we'd be safe and make sure the door was open. So we got there, there was a bath tub FULL of booze, and we laughed and talked and saw the passed out guy who was in front of our room the night before... we heard the whole story surrounding that and it was pretty freaking funny. We went out to another club, then left and ate some poutine at 2 am and called it a night.

The next day I was supposed to leave but all the flights were full, so I decided to stay another night with Vanessa and then leave on Monday. SO Vanessa, Tyler, Seb and I went to Tyler's friends cabin and went boating. It was so fun. We went back to the West Island, rode on the motorcycle, watched tv, drank some tequila, and I didn't end up sleeping at all, so I had a GREAT flight from Montreal to Calgary at 8:50 (which meant I had to be there at 5:50) in yesterday's clothes, not having brushed my teeth or anything. It wasn't too pleasant. I slept for about 6 hours yesterday and then went to bed at 10 and woke up at 8:30, so I hope I'm all caught up. My camera died after about 2 pictures, so I'll have to get all the pics from friends and then I'll share them with y'all. Tomorrow is the big 2-2 birthday, so we'll see what's in store for that.

So that's the big update. It felt like I did a lot more than that... but all written down it seems like all I did was drink. Oh wait, I guess that kind of is all I did. Oh well... it was a blast.


K said...

you were there to party and that's what you did...no shame in that.

lu said...

sounds like an awesome time! i love meeting new friends in new cities and then, like you said, you can just take off if they are weird or things get strange.

kim said...

Found your blog through Flickr. Funny Montreal stories. Tell Alana she's cute.