Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finally on the mend, I think.

I still feel a little woozy and have a bit of a sore throat, but I'm getting better. Thankfully. I wasn't sure how much more I could take!

I watched the Project Runway marathon yesterday, and had dreams about sewing and fashion shows. I think I wore a weird dress made out of feathers... weird.

I have to go to work again tomorrow, but it's an easy day, no real working, just getting to the city where we start the next day. So I'll be able to veg and relax more tomorrow. Then I get to visit Kristen and Jordan again, though I think Kristen is a little under the weather as well... I hope I didn't give her my nastiness, cause that would be horrible.

That's all I really have to say right now... Except I'm worried that Jeff Valin isn't on breakfast television anymore because I haven't seen him in a while, but I haven't really investigated at all. Hopefully he's just on vacation or something. I know a bunch of City TV workers got their jobs cut... I'm hoping he wasn't one of them. He's my TV boyfriend, by the way, if you're wondering why I care so much. Well not my fake tv boyfriend, because that would be McDreamy, but my real tv boyfriend, as in he is himself on tv. Make sense?

K well I just looked for him on the website and he's NOT THERE. WHERE HAS JEFF VALIN GONE?????? Someone please tell me!

I've calmed down a bit, but still, concerned. About the whereabouts of my real tv boyfriend.


--Nathan-- said...

first he was your "real tv boyfriend" meaning the only time you spent together was rather long distance... obviously not long distance enough *ohhh burn* maybe it was the throat puss that drove him away.

totally kidding
*read the shirt*

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Glad you're feeling better Hez. Take care of your throat. Locking yourself in the shower with the hot water running so that you steam it up real good makes your throat feel better. Keep the humidity high in your place, especially when you sleep. As a singer, I have to really be on top of that stuff, so I know a bunch of tricks. Gargling with warm salt water helps with the pain too. Licorice tea.

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Oh, don't gargle with licorice tea. That would hurt. ;)

K said...

maybe he went back to boston...
(if you do a google search for jeff valin, the first hit is city tv personalities...maybe he's just not on the breakfast show)

Hez said...

I tried the google search, but that's an OLD city tv page... if you go to the site and look, he's just not there.

Nathan I don't get your burn. Sorry.

kris said...

I think Nathan's saying he probably went to do the weather on some show far away because you were creeping him out. (That's mean Nathan, pointing at your shirt can't get you out of everything.)

I'm glad to hear your throat's a little better? But is it still pussy?

Btw - Lynn's started watching Grey's Anatomy so if she starts finding me less irresistable I'm going to hold you and your "McDreamy Posse" partially responsible. Also responsible could be the three Blizzards I had in less than a week. Come to think of it, I'm blaming Kirsten for that one. I'm pretty good at avoiding responsibility.

Hez said...

Kris how could anyone find you less irresistable? Though if it were to happen, McDreamy WOULD be the one to do it. Isn't Lynn allowed to have a TV boyfriend?

And no, no more throat pus(s).

--Nathan-- said...
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--Nathan-- said...

i totally agree that pus(s) should be spelt with the brackets... because kris' comment about you having a pussy throat cracked me up.

kris said...

"Isn't Lynn allowed to have a TV boyfriends?"

You mean I can allow or disallow things? That changes everything.