Saturday, September 30, 2006

London baby!

So I went to London (Ontario, that is) yesterday morning and came back this evening. ALL that for Steph. (You better love me Steph). I was at the airport around 4:45 in the morning and flew, got to London, hung out at Western with Steph at her work, then we went home to her place, had a few bevvys, had a fancy dinner with her boif Matt and his friend, went to drink some more at friend's apartment (where we heard the funniest thing ever and was then repeated constantly during the night, more on this after), then went to this martini bar (which had a giant neon sign that said BAR on it) and then went BACK to his apartment to drink a little more, then went home. It was quite en enjoyable evening. I'm glad I went.

So the funny thing we heard needs a bit of explanation. Apparently this weekend is homecoming weekend at Western. (I'm not sure why I'm blogging everything American this week, but that's what's happening.) So grads from western come back and basically drink their faces off for a weekend. How this is different from every other weekend spent at university, I'm not too sure, but in any event that's what it was. So, in this apartment building, there are lots of students. Lots of parties since it was homecoming. As we're waiting for the elevator, we see this girl banging on an apartment door holding what I can guess was a rum and coke in a plastic cup. When the door is answered, she says "were you ACTUALLY complaining about us upstairs?" and whoever was inside the apartment said "yeah" and then girl with the drink said "well you know that your neighbours are also partying, and it's a Friday, and hello, it's HOMECOMING. Get a fucking life!!" and then she stormed off... With her drink. And then she looked at us and said something like "the party is ON". So all night, we kept saying "hel-LO, it's HOMEcoming, get a fucking life!" and it was pretty funny. I really enjoyed the fact that she was pissed enough to go down and yell at the girl who complained about them, but not at the expense of her drinking.

Of course, we had to have a typical Steph Heather picture to complete the evening, so here it is.

And because the night ended with Steph puking, I had to document that through photography. I personally enjoy my eye in the corner... Not too sure what that is all about.


Steph said...

hahahahaha - i highly enjoyed this entry. And now to respond:

1) thanks for coming over
2) thanks for posting the most horrendous pictures of me ever on your blog
3) obviously i puked, i mean come on it was fucking HOMECOMING, don't you know!

Hez said...

Well give me the better ones!!!!!!!