Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Wednesday

I hope everyone had a nice remembrance day. I went to the hockey game against the leafs last night and there was a nice little ceremony there before the game started. It was a fairly boring game, but the flames won so that felt nice. I went with five people who were in leafs jerseys so I was happy to win.

Maui was great. I won't get into details since I'm sure no one wants to hear them, but running on the beach watching the sunrise, yoga on the beach, beach relaxing and fresh pineapple were among the highlights. I got a little bit of a sunburn on my feet/ankles where I missed reapplying sunscreen but other than that I did ok.

Yesterday I had my first shift at the tech shop. I had a great time! It's a super relaxed atmosphere and they people seem nice so far so I'm happy. I have tonnes to learn still, since I got through maybe five of the bazillion shoes on the wall, but the workers and nice and helpful and I'm happy. I go back today so hopefully it goes as well.

Yesterday a 19 year old girl got kidnapped at gunpoint while she was getting into her car at a strip mall in Calgary. The guy she was with was forced to the back seat, and the kidnapper drove around for four hours, stopping periodically to sexually assault the girl while the guy sat and watched helplessly. That's pretty close to my worst nightmare and it's very scary that it happened in the middle of the day. I tend to be on the paranoid side when it comes to attackers, but mostly at night. Now I'll have to up the paranoid level in the day. When I heard the story on the morning news I dropped my mouth open in shock and teared up quite a bit. I couldn't even imagine what that would be like for her or the guy she was with. Terrifying. Anyway I hope they find who did it and he gets the help he needs, because the only way I could think someone could do that would be if they have some mental and psychological problems. If he doesn't, well I hope he goes to jail for a long time. Anyway I guess we all need to be a little more aware when we're getting into our cars.

In the states (or at least Maui), Starbucks has their Christmas cups out already, but here we don't! Should be happening soon, no?

I didn't see President elect Obama in Hawaii. (What's with the President elect business? Isn't it just President Obama?) I thought I might see him when he went to his Grandmother's funeral in Hawaii, but I think she was in Waikiki or somewhere other than Maui. I have to admit I'm excited for what's to come for the good ole U S of A. I found out on the plane on the way to Maui and I got shivers! Yay Obama!

Have a good day!


K said...

It is "President elect" Obama because technically George Bush is still president until inauguration day in January (the 20th I think). So, since there can't be 2 presidents, he's the President elect.

Secondly, my first instinct when I saw that story was to call you and tell you to be careful.

Thirdly- TOMORROW! Or so says the Starbucks near work that I frequent. And trust me, I will be disappointed if I don't get to have my espresso truffle in a red cup tomorrow morning. I'm making a special trip and everything.

I'm glad you were able to revel in the glory of a win even if it was a boring game. (and i hope you told them to suck it...ok i don't, 'cause that wouldn't be nice.

PS-what is the discount? and what can you teach me about shoes?

Kirst said...

I was told last week that Christmas drinks were out today. We'll see if it's true or not.

Kristen what's an espresso truffle?
I'll be disappointe later if I go and can't have an eggnog or gingerbread latte.

K said...

The espresso truffle is one of the new seasonal beverages for "red cup" season:
Espresso Truffle
We’ve combined Starbucks espresso with our premium European-style cocoa blend used in our Signature Hot Chocolate and steamed milk, and topped it with whipped cream and a touch of chocolate powder. This sophisticated beverage delivers rich chocolate flavor with a velvety mouthfeel balanced with a smooth coffee flavor.

Also, instead of the gingerbread latte, it will be:
Gingersnap Latte
We’ve combined Starbucks espresso with the flavor and aroma of freshly baked gingerbread, rounded out with the creaminess of steamed milk. It is finished with whipped cream and authentic crystallized ginger. The crystallized ginger is delicious as a topping and also enhances the flavor of the beverage as ginger pieces sink to the bottom of the cup.

(eggnog latte will still be there)

Heather said...

The Espresso Truffle sounds incredible. I want one immediately.

Kirst said...

I was lied to. Or the barista last week was mistaken. Tomorrow is the day for us too. Although I did get an eggnog latte from my wonderful husband. HE can be quite the charmer. I guess the barista bought into his charm. :)
When are we going to see you?

Reverend Joyleaf said...

The Espresso Truffle sounds a lot like a Caffè Mocha. Cocoa instead of mocha syrup. What's the big deal? Everybody's hypnotized by the red cup. No one will know the difference.

Heather said...

The mocha is chocolate syrup in white milk and the signature hot chocolate is with chocolate milk, but you're right, they're essentially the same thing. I do love chocolate milk though. Right after I posted my comment, I re-read the truffle description and thought "that's pretty much a mocha" so I agree. The red cups are fun though.

K said...

I had the espresso truffle and I like the richness of the cocoa. My complaint with Mochas (besides the sickly sweetness of them) is that they taste like fake chocolate...and I'm not a fan.

My complaint about the truffle, however, is that it is too sweet. I expected it to be too sweet...but I had to give it a try anyway. I think if I have another, I will ask for half plain milk, half cocoa. Still that rich cocoa taste, but a little less sweet.

And Steve, I knew you would mention the cup. I think of you every year when I get excited about the red cup.

Katie said...

haha I had the same question about the pres elect business! glad I aint the only one