Monday, November 03, 2008

Muffins, Maui and More

I made some more muffins today. Raspberry, oats and vanilla yogurt. They are special gluten free oats that I ordered from a farm in Saskatchewan. I hope they're good!

Tomorrow I'm flying to Maui with work, and I get back on Thursday, then leave on Friday to do the exact same thing. The flights are red eyes, so I think I'll be tired by the time I get back on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, when I arrive, I have to rush down to the Talisman Centre and hopefully make it to my field hockey game. Yesterday's double header was especially rough and I got a little bit pummeled. Today both ankles, one knee and one hip are REALLY hurting. It's a rough sport I tells ya.

Kristen made me some gluten free brownies when I was in Ottawa, but I didn't get to taste them. Because of this and that we didn't make it to their place and I was tired. She tried hard and made them from scratch, and hopefully she and Jordan enjoyed them! Thank you and next time I will taste them.

I got a second job at the Tech Shop today. I think I'll start next week. I'm pretty excited to get doing something else and learn a bunch more about running gear. I think I'll have a good time. I've been avoiding a second job like the plague since my experience at the coffee shop wasn't great near the end, but this I think will be a new challenge. I'm really looking forward to it. And the pay is great, so that's a bonus. I'm needing cash lately so this will help.

I like all the posts about the 100 omnivore's list. It's fun to go through and see what you've eaten. You should check them out. It really makes me think about all the food that I might never be able to try because of the celiac. I love food and trying new things, so I have to admit it makes me a little sad, but some of the greatest food I've ever had is gluten free, so I think I'll manage.

Here's to hoping I don't get a sun burn!


K said...

You know we'll try really hard to feel sorry for you but won't be able to if you get a sunburn. Kind of like how I WANTED to be able to cheer for the oilers when they were playing in the stanley cup final, but when I tried I just couldn't...

And once I've had another go at those brownies, you'll find them delicious.

lu said...

wear sunscreen! i hope you get some days on the beach, i would LOVE that right about now.

Kirst said...

with the weather we are about to get it sure would be nice to be in maui. have fun and i have to agree with k on the whole sunburn thing.