Monday, February 20, 2006

Kristen and Jordan's Amazing Race to the Altar

This weekend has had so many elements that I couldn't even begin to tell you every one of them. BUT, the giant surprise bachelor/bachelorette party went very well. The fact that Kristen and Jordan spent the entire night before in the airport just added to the fun! Here are a couple of pics of the race, and more news about the everything later.

Nathan, Lynn and Miriam making their flag. (They were a DNF due to losing a team member!)

Sue, Sandra and Kris making their flag. (Team number 3!)

Jordan searching for Abbey Road in Eau Claire

The winning team getting into a cab, hence allowing for the winning!

Deeds, Rob, Kristen and Chris, the winning team!

Jordan, Kirsten and Steve, Team number 2!

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Dee said...

I must say that the Cab taking decision, though partially fueled by sheer exhaustion was a brilliant idea on our team's's all about outsmarting the competition!!!

lu said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

but tell me... did you just let k's team win because she is the bride?! i mean that would be a bit sad if the winning team did not have the biggest amazing race fan ever!

great job on the planning!

--Nathan-- said...

dont worry heather i will email you my pictures sometime today! Again great job on the event!!!