Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No motivation

I know that now that the wedding is over, I'm supposed to focus on school and be really motivated since I have nothing to distract me. But this is not the case. I am very distracted... by everything. And I have no motivation. To do anything.

I've been at work for 7 hours, and I have written 4 sentences of homework. Granted, I have been productive in other ways, but still. 4 sentences. Not good. And tonight is the first Amazing Race episode! AND tuesday night dinner with Kirst and Nathan. So I won't really get much done tonight homework-wise. The scary part is I'm not really too concerned about it. I think it's really time for me to be done school. This is kind of getting out of hand.

To celebrate my lack of caringness for school, I will post fun pictures of Kristen's Bachelorette party.


kris said...

The whole wedding week was great. Thanks for getting it started on the right foot with the Amazing Race, that was a blast. I too will miss hanging out with you guys and the C/M family. I'd even get together to make invitations again if I could. At least we have a lot of good memories from these past few months.

K said...

YOu finish that school! Remember, I'll get mad at you if you don't
You're soooooo close. All you need is a last big kick and you're done.

PS-that blue drink was tasty.

Dee said...

Kirsten licked my face right after that picture was taken...it was hot ;o) ....and kindof sticky from all of the vodka seven - hold the vodka and add slush in a fancy glass - 's she was drinking!