Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trying to think of something besides the wedding...

For realsies, I can think of one thing and one thing only. MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED IN 9 SLEEPS! I rarely write in all capitals, so you KNOW I'm excited about this!

People at school keep saying "I'll see you after the wedding! You'll have to tell me all about it" and other people around are like "oh my gosh you're getting married??" and I answer in the most excited voice ever "no, but my SISTER is!" and these people look at me like "umm, you're THAT excited about a wedding that's not even your own?"

Well, the answer is YES YES YES I'm THAT excited about a wedding that isn't even my own. Think about it... I get ALL the thrill of the wedding, yet I don't have to BE MARRIED! It's all about the party!!!! And yes, for those who are growing concerned, I DO realize it's not MY day and I won't steal any kind of thunder from Kristen, so don't fret.

I am MORE than happy to sleep-over the night before to keep her sane, to shove food in her mouth so that she doesn't starve and pass out, to tie a bib around her while she's drinking her coffee so that when she spills, it's on her bib and not her dress (yes, WHEN she spills), stand beside her at the altar holding her boquet and a fistfull of kleenex, ready to hand it over if she starts crying, make sure her dress is organized for when she does the walk out with her new husband, and smile pretty for the pictures so that she can look back years to come and remember that I was there, next to her, on HER special day.

So yes, I'm excited.


Odd-Ass-City said...

It IS exciting. Don't be ashamed.

Dee said...

I think that it's perfectly fine that you're so excited.....because I am too and she's not even my sister!!!

Thankfully I don't have to be writing papers and studying because it's all I can think about too!

Dr. Papa said...

Hell, it's not my wedding either and I'm excited! And I even have to pay for a lot of it! It is exciting. I mean, really! This is the kid who really wouldn't ever get married. She just wouldn't ever be into the idea. And she is getting married. And to a wonderful guy too! (not like she's marry a dork, but you know what I mean!)

I find you a wonder to watch through all of this. Even through all the worry about the cancelled flights, delayed departures and very delayed arrivals. You are still having fun!

This evening - at the stagette - not that you were by any means outshinging your sister (or trying to), however, you were the absolute light shing on her! Your glow made her brighter than ever.

You truly are a "Maid of Honour!"