Friday, February 10, 2006

Special Birthday Edition of Foto Friday!

I don't know if it's weird that I'm posting a picture of Jordan on his birthday, because I'm not his fiancee or anything, but I thought since this picture is so great, that I'd post it anyways! (I'll add for his benefit that he isn't actually drunk in this picture, he just did it for my and Kristen's amusement.) Happy Birthday, soon to be Brother-In-Law. If I HAVE to have a brother, I'm glad it's you! You make me laugh lots and lots and I'm excited to chill with you again soon. And you better take good care of my sister, because you don't want to have to deal with the wrath of Heather!! (Remember that time I pushed you really hard when I found out that you proposed to Kristen? That was just a taste of what I'm capable of!) I never really realized how much we used to hang out together, You, Me, Kristen and that other guy, but now that you and Kristen are gone, it's very sad and lonely. I make due... but it will be nice to have you here, even if it's for a short week.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, and I hope to see you double fisting when you're back!

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