Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bye Steph! *Sniff Sniff*

So today ends the legacy that is Heather and Steph. She goes back to Vancouver, then to Montreal then to Camp then to London (with a day in Calgary in there somewhere, oh yeah and some time somewhere else), where she will stay, for a long long long time. I can't even get into it, because I'll get really really sad and no one likes it when I cry, because I rarely cute cry, it's normally ugly crying like what happened at the wedding and I hence ruined the video because all you can hear is "sniff sniff, wipe my nose which makes my bangles bangle and then all you can hear is bangling", so I won't get into it.

But I WILL say, Steph, I'll miss you a lot, and thanks for having me stay at your place for the past while so we could chill, even though as SOMEONE likes to remind me every five minutes that I didn't pay rent, but oh, I paid my rent in love, caringness, letting you laugh at me in my uniform, and doing the dishes after I eat!

I'll come visit soon (I hope!) and you're the greatest. I'm going to miss you a lot a lot!

And thanks to you, I have a new photo face. (It's my tribute to you really, AND I don't have chins in as many pics anymore!)


Anonymous said...

Bye Steph!
We'll Miss You!

Anonymous said...

It's never fun to say farewell... Sorry, this is a lie... there are a few persons we would like to say goodbye to...goodbye FOREVER, but they won't go...(a shame!!)
We'll miss YOU, Steph.

Steph said...

Thanks Heather, I will really miss you too. We have been pretty inseparable the last couple of months and it is already a weird adjustmnet just not having you around. I'm so glad you ended up moving in for those few weeks. It was a great time and a really nice way to end out the year. I miss you already but will be seeing you soon!!