Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No more heat, and I'm really freaking glad...

...though I'm sad there's no more Kristen and Jordan. I really enjoyed chillin, illin, and keeping it gangsta real with them. It was great, so thanks to them for making things wicked awesome.

Now it's Vancouver with Steph. So far it's been great. On Friday, I think we might go shop a bit in Seattle. That will be fun. I'm stoked for the weather, since it's not 42 degrees outside like it was in a certain city yesterday. It IS raining, but at this point, I'll take anything as long as it's not causing me to be a vapour version of myself, as I was yesterday and the two days previous to that.

More updates later. For now, I'm in van city, and tomorrow I'm going synagogue!!! (for some kind of graduation thingy for Steph's brother, no I'm not a real live jew now, much to my dismay, I'm just going for kicks!)


K said...

have fun!
it is cooling off a bit here (and we are having some rain) now that you're gone. perhaps it was your hotness that was affecting the weather pattern.
come back soon (but leave the super hot somewhere else)

--Nathan-- said...

no i dont think that was it. just kidding heather!

Lulu said...

okay seriously - call me if you go to an H&M store - I would LOVE to have some more clothes......have fun chica

Hez said...

no H & M unfortunately... but other stores that are Americany goodness!

And Nathan, it SO was my hotness; don't even pretend that it wasn't.

Early wake-up tomorrow, so I'm off to bed!