Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend = Not as boring as originally anticipated

As the title indicated, my weekend wasn't really as boring as I thought it would be. I bought a new tv (and by I, I mean my mum but I carried it) for the kitchen since our precious yellow one died. Then I chilled with Linda and watched movies and drank Starbuck's. Then I saw one of my best friends from high school who I haven't seen in almost 5 years, which was AWESOME... Though the evening ended with slightly more excitement than I had anticipated (not in a dirty way... I'll tell the story some other time). And then I chilled with some work people, and today I have to bake some muffins and study.

Upon re-reading that, it really wasn't chock-full of entertainment, but a lot less boring than the dullsville I had imagines.

Tomorrow I start my very last week of training. I already have my schedule for June, and it takes me to a lot of fun places (and a lot of not fun places too) but unfortunately no overnights in Ottawa. I think I'll plan a trip out there before I start... I have 4 or 5 days off after training and before my first shift, so I think I'll try fanangle something for then. I AM however going to Vegas and Orlando, though no overnights. Still, that's pretty cool.

So tomorrow I have my final, and I'm not really too sure why but we have to wear our uniforms, so Kirsten, I'll show up at your place all decked out. (I actually died a little bit thinking about eating dinner with my pants pulled almost to my breasts. I think I'll bring a change of clothes and change in the car before I get there.)

And I realized that I actually have 4 days left... I somehow got confused, so I'm still done on Saturday, but I have another day in there somewhere. It's all good... I'm still done soon!

Wish me luck!


fuzzy wuzzy said...

It made me chuckle thinking of you in your "up to the breast" pants. A great mental picture. I can't believe you are almost done already! Exciting things to come!!

K said...

buena suerte ma soeur.

Lulu said...

well, well, well, I wish you the best, like your sis said, buena suerte, bonne chance and all that jazz.
PS - the weekend was very fun, I had a blast - especially sat night - fri night was really nice too - THANKS!
Hasta Luego