Thursday, June 08, 2006

Made it!

I'm back! And I totally rocked it out!!! I did super well according to the guy who was "testing" me. There were only three of us flight attendants for the four days (when there are normally four), so things were a little busier than normal, but he kept saying that he forgot that he was actually testing me, and that it felt like he was working with a regular crew! And so did the other FA who was working with us! She has been around for years and said it felt really good!

Not to say that I didn't make any mistakes, because I sure did... like forgetting what I'm supposed to say over the PA and things like that, but he said I looked like I had worked there for years! I'm very happy!

Now I just have to stop having vertigo and clutching to things every time I go to walk around in fear that the turbulence will knock me over! (And no, I didn't spill anything on anyone though I ALMOST fell on top of a guy today when some heavy bumps came about.)

So I feel confident, but I know I still have things to learn. But all in all, YAY FOR ME!!!!!


K said...

hooray for you indeed!

Steph said...

Yay for successfully completing your first adventure!!

Call me back woman....but not now, I'm sleeping.

lu said...


Anonymous said...

Proud of you Hez!!! You're such a cute little FA!!!
Have fun on your second run!!!


Anonymous said...

Really, there was never any doubt that your first adventure would be a success. Good Work! Hottttt glasses by the way.