Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sexy Pictures

I wonder how many times this post will pop on google searches when someone is looking for porno?

Anyways, I promised sexy pictures of me in my new glasses, and I've honestly only taken one picture so far, and that was with Steph in the car waiting to cross the US border to go shopping in Seattle. So here you go.

Now I know how Jordan feels when everyone compliments his glasses. I've had friends, the guy at the cell phone store, passengers (or "guests" I should say) on my flights, all sorts of people saying that they like my glasses! It feels nice! And I feel so fashionable in my D&G specs!


Steph said...

terrible terrible picture of me...but man those ARE nice glasses!

Lulu said...

Stylin' frames - must remember to get some in to my store.....