Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Been a while!

It seems like it's been forever since I posted, and even a while since I've been home! Lots is going on, and it's hard to find the time to do everything that I need to do. Right now, I'm posting from my NEW home where I JUST got internet working, and while I'm posting, I'm watching Live with Regis and Kelly since I JUST got cable as well!! I definitely would still be sleeping if the cable guy wasn't coming today, but alas, he came, and I'm awake.

I had some breakfast in my new place, and when I went to get a spoon from my silverware drawer, I noticed that I only have two knives. I have about 12 little spoons, 12 big spoons, a bunch of forks, and two knives. How weird. This isn't really a good thing, since if Linda and I both wanted to eat, and then the next night we both wanted to eat again, we wouldn't have any knives on the second night. I wonder where they are! We had a bunch at our place didn't we Kristen???

Speaking of Kristen, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because something very wonky happened with my computer at my mums house, but it was her birthday yesterday and so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!!!!!!!!

I feel bad since I posted this big old picture of Jordan on his birthday, and wrote this whole schpiel about how great he was, and then I didn't post anything for Kristen. BUT, before you all say "what an awful sister, but what a kind sister-in-law", I should say that I ALMOST took a delay on the flight from Edmonton to Calgary yesterday because I was standing in the front galley talking to my sister on my cell phone! AND, even when I called one number and it was some random construction company which was clearly the wrong number, I didn't give up, and called my mum, got the number, THEN called Kristen to wish her a happy birthday. I made women and children WAIT at the gate to board their flight so I could wish my dear old sister a happy birthday!!! SO, really, what's a crappy post, when I made people WAIT to fly to their destination and possibly cost my company a fair amount of money so that I could speak with Kristen the birthday girl! So there!!!

Anyways, I have a big day ahead of me. I have to run a WHOLE bunch of messages (which is my mum's word for errands) and get a bunch of shiat for the place like cleaning stuff, garbage bags, blah blah, visit my mum, and hopefully do a few more things with my place. There's crap everywhere, and I'm not so fond of it.

Sitting here on my couch watching tv, I'm noticing how sad our little tv stand is. First off, it was the weirdest thing to put together. In the instructions, there is a little picture of a pair of hands putting gloves on, and then the gloved hands are turning the legs on the table. Then, there is a picture of NON gloved hands turning the legs with a big X through it. I don't understand. Why do you need to wear gloves to spin legs around? So when we weren't making things work, and when all the legs were at different heights, we kept laughing and saying it was because we weren't wearing gloves. It seriously really weird. Once I find a scanner, I'll put up the instructions. It's totally weird. But anyway, that was a little side rant... The point is we have this giant wall, and this tiny tv stand that's straining to hold this heavy ass tv. I think we need a real kind of centre thingy that hold lots of stuff... and takes up more of the wall.

I also want to go down to the stampede and go into the roundup centre and look at all the slicer dicer things, but I don't know if anyone can go with me! I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone these days, which sucks, but I realize that everyone doesn't have full days off in a row like I have. But yeah, I would like to go to the stampede, so anyone wanna go??

So that's it... all I have to say for now. Check ya later.


K said...

check with papa for the knives. i know that they were used when we had the party at his house last summer. maybe they somehow got misplaced.

as for the lack of birthday posting...it's ok with me. i enjoyed your phone calls more than i would have enjoyed a post.

good luck with your messages and your slicer dicers.

sandbocks said...

Hey heather, we're going to be heading to the chucks and to Our Lady Peace on friday night if you want to join us! Let me know!

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Hey there hez... I just did a bunch of skimming of all your old posts (didn't have time till now)..

Congratz on the flight attendant thing.. I flew westjet from from Winnipeg to Calgary (june 2) and Calgary to Winnipeg (june 4). Were you my flight attendant? I don't even know what airline you work for, LOL.

Congratz on the new apartment as well.

Oh, and congratz on finishing your degree!

Hez said...

Thanks dude!

Yeah I work for WJ... it's pretty sweet. I don't think I was your flight attendant, but keep your eyes open for "the fabulous Heather" as they like to introduce me if you fly again!

Thanks for all the congrats-ing!