Tuesday, July 18, 2006

El Estampido etc.

The Stampede came and went. I went down a total of three times, once for about 5 minutes, the second time for a LONG time with Vanessa (which involved looking at the slicer dicers and then going to Nashville North from 4:30 until 2:00) and the third time to watch the Chuckwagon Races (in the fancy dancy right up close and getting sprayed with dirt from the out riders spot) and go to Ranahan's with Jackie and Mum even though I wasn't dressed according to the code. All in all Stampede was fun.

Then I worked again, and spent the first night in Winnipeg (my first time!) and THAT involved chilling with Yvette and her friends. The one friend who was driving happened to be driving a 1965 Impala with hydraulics. Seriously. I got picked up at the Hilton in an Impala, with the back end all up in the air and the front end all down, and then upon getting in the car making all sorts of hydraulicky noises and each corner going up and down. It was freaking crazy. We went to a bar, drank some beers, drove around, got Wendy's, and then I got dropped off again at about 4:00. It was so surreal. The next day I slept till 2, sat around the pool in 35 degree heat and then checked in for work at 6:45. Such a rough life I lead! I guess things got a little rough yesterday in the air, since we had a batch of nasty turbulence, but that's about it!

I got home today, had sups at my dad's house, and came home bearing leftover BBQ chicken, a coffee maker, ex candy buffet jars for flour and coffee etc. and ex candy buffet spoons for soup. It was sweet! I love going to my parents houses and coming home with a bunch of loot. This is sweet!

I leave again soon but come back on Monday and have the rest of the month off. I think I might be getting a visit from a certain Miss Quinney on Tuesday, so that's exciting.

And happy visiting to mum and Kristen and Jordan and hopefully it isn't too hot there!!


lu said...

ohhh...i'd love to come home with a coffee maker!

Steph said...

i LOVE Winnipeg!!!! Wooohooo

I miss you, everytime I wanna call you I realize I STILL haven't written down your new cell number (I know its been months) and then have no means of accessing it. I will try tonite...but if not know I am thinking of it!@

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Hope you had fun in our lovely (and overly hot) Winnipeg.

Next time if you're even in on a weekend, come to "Alive" in the district and say "hi". It's a great place to go. If you come on a Friday or Saturday it's a lot of fun.